YouTube Will Now Automatically Delete Your Search History


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Privacy is a very important concept today. Google has also added a new feature to YouTube to protect your privacy. After that, your YouTube searches will be automatically deleted after a certain period of time.

Google is in an effort to expand its privacy options with its various platforms. It introduced an auto-erase feature earlier this year. Your YouTube browsing experience has become a little more 'personalized'.

Google has announced it is now offering an auto-delete feature for YouTube. The new feature allows users to resume video searches before automatically deleting data and keep their history on the platform for a predetermined period of time.

Erase time can be selected

Users can store their historical data for 3 months, 18 months, or until they choose to delete it manually, with the options offered by YouTube. Then the data is erased by itself. Users also have the option to turn off storing historical data completely, but some users may choose to keep it for convenience when repeating watched videos and searches.

This feature is currently available. From the Account Settings, find "delete automatically" and choose how often you want Google to clear the data.
Google launched a similar auto-delete feature for Location History added to users ' Google account in May. The update came along with the announcement of a series of privacy-focused new features in Google's platforms and products group on Wednesday. Also this month, it was rolled out in the long-awaited 'secret mode' on Google Maps for Android.