YouTube Updates Required Subscribers for Community Posts


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Emre Omer Zehir
-1 month ago
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Creators on YouTube previously required at least 1000 subscribers to post community posts. New arrangement of the platform
Anyone who reaches 500 subscribers will now be able to share community posts.
YouTube, which is among the most popular social media platforms, has various features to enable content producers and subscribers to interact.
One of these features is the community posts feature, which allows creators to message their followers.
In the past, content producers who reached 1000 subscribers on the platform were entitled to use this feature. The new regulation will take effect from
October 12.
According to him, the owner of every channel with 500 subscribers will be able to share such a post.
Millions of channels get community posts:
YouTube, who tweeted on the subject, "Community posts are coming to millions more channels! Starting October 12, 2021 for community posts.
We are reducing the eligibility limit to channels with 500+ users. Tips for getting started with the Community tab:"
Creators can use community posts to share news or status updates, similar to what we see on Facebook. This
The feature is available under the community tab on creators' own profiles. This feature is being prepared to replace the discussions tab.
The Discussions tab will be removed on October 12.
Channels with less than 500 subscribers also seem to be able to use this feature in the future. In the statement made on the YouTube front regarding the
It was stated that they are working to open the community posts feature to channels with less than 500 subscribers in the future. So in the future
We will see this feature in even more channels.
You may not see the community tab right away if you have more than 500 subscribers or if you exceed 500 subscribers after the feature is released. Statement
from YouTube
According to the results, it will take up to a week for the feature to be added to the panels. Recently, short-term content producers such as TikTok and
indirectly competing
We will see together how this move of YouTube, which is in trouble with features such as stories, will yield.
YouTube Announces Video Watching Habits of Turkish Users During the Pandemic Period
Beyazit Kartal
-3 months ago
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YouTube, YouTube Culture Trends, which reveals our content habits during the pandemic period and conveys the habits of users in Turkey.
He published his report.
YouTube, the world's largest video content platform, has released the 'YouTube Culture Trends Report'. The report in question, including Turkey,
It reveals the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, which has captured our last year and a half in more than 20 countries, on video content watching habits.
The report, prepared by YouTube's own CultureTrends unit, covers emerging creative trends in the 2020-2021 period and how these trends
reveals how video will affect the future of content . The report is based on surveys conducted by Ipsos in more than 20 countries, as well as numerical
and based on interviews with industry experts.
youtube report
The important headlines in the report shared by YouTube are as follows:
People from the pandemic period needed more to watch something together
list of 3 items

85% of users watched a live stream in the past 12 months.

Simultaneous content such as “with me” videos received more than 2 billion views in total in 2020.

79 percent of users said they made deeper connections while watching YouTube with others.
list end
Boundaries between public and private content categories blurred
list of 3 items

People engage with viewers more deeply, where creators talk to their authentic selves about the issues they exist and are important to them.
they are looking for more relevant content on YouTube to which they have a connection and interacting more with these content.

For example, these related formats also helped rebrand chess. Over 100% worldwide in watching chess-related content last year
on the increase.

Additionally, 82 percent of people watched videos at least once a month to help them learn how to do something.
list end
YouTube Culture Trends Report
'Experience' focused content has grown in popularity
list of 3 items

ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response) videos gained traction, while video podcasts (51 percent of people watched at least one video podcast in the
last 12 months) and
Other sensory formats emerged, such as audio-priority or cinematic first-person videos similar to those in games.

For example, the videos of the "Dream SMP" (survival multiplayer) server in the game Minecraft are in the last six, with more than 1 billion views as of
May 2020.
became the most popular entertainment phenomenon of the month.

Video 'meme' and participating in trends have also become a popular and immersive form of social entertainment. starting in south africa
and dance trends such as the Jerusalema challenge, which became a hit among health professionals in Sweden, with over 600 million views aroused great interest.
list end
How did Turkey's 'YouTube' habits change during the pandemic?
list of 5 items

92 percent of the respondents interviewed in Turkey watched at least one live broadcast in the last 12 months.

The rate of those who watch online video content in the last 12 months is 92 percent, while the rate of those who share online video content is 80 percent.

63 percent of respondents watch videos at least once a month to communicate with people.

92 percent watch instructional videos at least once a month or more.

73 percent of people watch YouTube content on TV in the same room with others at least once a month.
list end