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WordPress you can definitely speed up your site using CDN. CDN use the process of speeding up your WordPress site one of the leading factors that affects it.
And if more the number of pictures on your site especially if it is CDN it's not a matter you prefer to use, there must definitely be a necessity.
Your host company server location of Istanbul from your site your site connects with visitors from Berlin speeds connecting a visitor to open the page is different. In Berlin, visitors to your site, Visitors in Istanbul than later connects. The visitor's location on your server as distance increases, also increases the rate of filling the page.
CDN when you use a lot of your site's files the point is that the servers are distributed and a visitor the nearest server where your site is located connects. So when you use CDN the server location of your site, anywhere in the world. Buddha increase the speed of opening your website.
WordPress CDN Use titled To my CDN what it is, how it works, how to buy, detailed use and WordPress integration in a way I told you.
Myself wpmavi.com’for too many years I've used and definitely CDN I suggest you in the name of speeding up your WordPress site.
5: Picture Optimization ( Specify Image Dimensions Serve Scaled Images – Optimized Images )
WordPress Site Another factor in the acceleration process image optimization. Image optimization you 3 main by examining the categories I'm going to tell.
Picture Specify Your Dimensions ( Specify Image Dimensions )
To GTmetrix the reports from one of ' EM is “Specify Image Dimensions”is. What is this “image specify Dimensions” the process of speeding up your WordPress site what impact are there ?
specify wordpress image WordPress image cropping - image WordPress sizing#a potential visitor visit your site when the height of your pictures, and the width, i.e. the size of the visitor's browser to if you do not specify, the visitor's browser to find out the size of the picture on your site after learning downloads the first picture and the sizes the official visitor centre.
#It for every image on your site you did think of. Therefore, the dimensions of the image to give up, directly impact your page filling rate will.
Sizes an unspecified image tag like this they appear;
<img src="image.jpg" />
Sizes specified look like an oil painting visible;
<img src="image.jpg" width="200" height="200" />
#Normally, when you upload an image to your site, WordPress image taste height and width of the image specifies.
But still in fact, somehow the dimensions unspecified pictures unfortunately. Of course, exactly those pictures Specify which results in GTmetrix Click on the tab image dimensions you can see it.
Solution What?Admin panel >> under the tab all articles which image size is not specified in your writing if it is, edit your post and say to that article open in a text editor. Find the picture width and whether it is the height of the mountains check. If not, add.
Scaled Image Serve ( Serve Scaled Images )
wordpress image sizing warning cause serve scaled images you receive ? You offer on your WordPress site actual dimensions the dimensions of the images presented as a result of conflict, of course.
#So it says; If your content width 800px if you upload an image, and if the contents of the picture 600px the width of the space you have shown the image if it is fits full 600px in sight as the visitor from your site as it may seem 800px the browser uses.
#Normally you official Field width, i.e. full width 600px sunsan you, the visitor nothing in between the size of 200px he won't be in vain, and you will make a profit from the download time this directly to your WordPress site speeding up the process of domain.
http://sizinsiteniz.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/deneme.gif 280x233 resized in HTML or CSS from 300x250 to business. Serving a scaled image could save 17.4 KiB (14% reduction).
#GTmetrix Serve The sample sentence above actually scaled the images is telling us;
http://sizinsiteniz.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/deneme.gif Named Official Site 300×250 in size are uploaded but, you offer on your site size 280×233. So visitors to your site your images too much the site filling rate is at the expense of.
An example let me make it more clear; any page let's say your main page, when the page is opened right click on the image observed the picture when I tell you to open them in a new tab
Resized deliver picture - serve scaled images
Picture page it opens at the same size as the size you observe if so, like the picture below, this picture dimensioned in a way that is being presented demonstrates. So it's no problem.
Serve Scaled how images are adjusted - sized image deliver
#Problem pictures; right-clicking so it is different from the display size, the bigger the sizes if they are opened in the picture that is shown in larger size than is presented to the visitor so too much filling at the expense of site speed and means needs to be optimized.
Solution What?Regenerate Thumbnails plugin for your WordPress site set up. Then GTmetrix results in “serve scaled images” located under the images tab in admin panel >> Find and click regenerate thumbnails under the Media tab resize.
#With this operation your uploaded picture on your website of your site and how many different the point (on the main page, the side panel menu, etc.) how many different if you look at the size, those sizes of clones, and he sizes offers.
Let's side in your panel picture “serve scaled images” failure to regenerate under you, and looks This picture boyutlandirdin thumbnails again with the plugin,we are I have deleted cache,
Your home page it was refreshed in new tab and then right click on the picture and when you say open, than the display size of the still picture we have seen that large are offered.
#In this case, the official delete the page from the admin panel of the component indicating your panel will refresh and same side of the same component add it again with the settings. Improved this time you will notice. Your theme is kind of re-understanding the process we're building.
Pictures Optimization ( Optimize Images )
#First Install the plugin WP Smush your WordPress site, and then Media >> Wp Smush all my images tab under the Run WP Smush through.Button and click on it right now compress all your images on your site.
All your images should be compressed, the process of speeding up your WordPress site large to the extent that will contribute.
#WP Smush.it when the plugin is run once all the pictures on your site that are installed one at a time you can optimize. Alone, I should warn you. This the plugin is a monster CPU.
My advice, take pictures optimization when your traffic is minimal, or shared at least the CPU usage of your hosting server you think at the time, is to do so at night.
WordPress site wp acceleration-smash
Your site To Optimize The Images Before Installing
#Fact validity is the most important image optimization and more that's my name, installing your images to your WordPress site have been optimized before. How all you will do SEO image optimization my article is a quite detailed the way I told you.
#Above pictures of steps you currently installed on your site optimizing is intended for. The above steps after you apply convenience for the next step from that standpoint, any image to your site by optimizing the installation process before installing I recommend you perform.
6: add-on Optimization
Plugin optimization of your WordPress site speeding up the process is another factor that makes a positive impact. Your WordPress site filling your site every time you install the plugin so that part acts carefully track and I recommend the application.
Which Plugin The Site That Affect The Speed Of Learning
First, P3 Plugin performance profiler plugin which is the plugin site how much impact on your speed, and add-ons your website filling speed percent level by delaying find out that has an effect.
Plugin install your WordPress site, and then admin panel under Tools >> P3 Plugin Profile tab go and click the Scan button. The plugin following you as a result you can see in the picture offer.
#This results which plug-ins had little impact on how much your rate of the site you can see the detailed;
WordPress Site acceleration - how speed of the site plugin there's the effect
You're not using it Deleting Plugins
1-Wordpress Hello Dolly WordPress Importer plugin on your site or still or does this one look ? I would recommend to remove it immediately if it's still there.
2-Google analytics Analytics code to the plugin instead of you integrate your site with Google Analytics and your website statistics follow through to your site so that the page using the plugin to put the load in vain.
3-Facebook and your Twitter page a “like box” plug-ins, instead of using facebook and Twitter the box codes use a like to offer.
4-Site Map (sitemap) for a separate plugin, instead of using a lot Currently hosted SEO plugin Site Map use the feature.
Important: If you are using a plugin has been deactivated if it's still there on your page as plugin, that Plugin directly delete.
That remember, your add number possible as far as to try to keep it at an optimum level. Each time you install a plugin to your site filling rate of your site will cause it to fall.
7: Database Optimization