WordPress site acceleration - database optimization


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#WordPress site acceleration is another important step of the process if it is to optimize the database, I mean in a general sense maintenance, repair, get rid of the excess.
Your database you make your site with speed optimization visibly increases you can provide.
WordPress Database cleanup – titled optimizing by following the step by step WordPress writing the process of database optimization how to do it you can learn.
8: your pictures For Lazy Load (Lazy Load Images)
#WordPress site a very effective role in the acceleration process another factor that is playing the lazy load.
#How To Load Lazy Works: when a visitor visit your site if and when the Lazy Load feature is active if the visitor comes face to face only below the screen is installed and the field visitor scroll right until remaining at the bottom of the content in part the loading of images is delayed
#So across ago when a visitor visits your site so the area of the top of your site pop-up the visitor down the page as long as the remaining scroll right below komutunc scroll is triggered and the filling order of the pictures it enters. This site site by dividing them into pieces filling allows you to increase your speed.
wordpress lazy load plugin - speeding up your WordPress site
#Lazy load operation there are many add-ons, but I'm suggesting to you and there's two that I see as the best plugin.
First BJ Lazy It's fairly lightweight and the second Load (up to 0.56 kb) add-on a Unveil Lazy Load. Two plug-in forms of the operation are different but they do the same. You want it's up to you to choose and use.
9: CSS, Reduction HTML, JavaScript (Minify CSS – Minify JavaScript Minify HTML)
Wordpress minify site acceleration process for quite is an important step. CSS, JavaScript, and HTML intent of reducing any css in your file is to eliminate the existing gaps or JS in your file.
#Wordpress of our site when editing a CSS file editing we're going to do when we want to find the code, we open of codes in the CSS file to be a regular we would like.
A very theme and plugin code is already in people's yazari easily make changes to codes in order to write. Between codes leave a space or the beginning of the code / description they do putting.
But your site leading of the CSS file for browsers it is not important. (the following as seen in the picture () code after by writing make it suitable for tarayci should be brought up. Browsers when we do the speed of opening the site will increase.
WordPress site minify acceleration
First, W3 The performance of the plugin Total Cache >> general settings go to the header tab, under Minify Enable the option Minify mode and save all settings call.
Then again from the admin panel > Performance> Minify and go to the tab Titled setup W3 Total Cache and settings located in the minify settings own spelling apply to your site.