WordPress Site Acceleration | Complete Guide


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Google out of top positions, your opponents to notice one of the most critical ways to your site speed. If you are giving your effort to your site, you come to the good place if you want to definitely have a fast site you must be.
Your site if it is not fast enough, what's your content such quality regardless of the top positions in Google never will not be.
#200 speed between on Google's ranking criteria the first three articles of the list that is so important that is located between them.
Your site speed consider to be the foundation of a building. If the building's Foundation is solid, if not build upon you will not be able to survive anything.
Speed I get it my WordPress site is very slow, and very important to me it opens, and that speeding up your WordPress site the process is done how ?
Here a single article from start to finish WordPress site acceleration can all be done on behalf of I will tell the methods. I bet this post speeding up your WordPress site in the name of Touchstone will be.
Note:before 2 type in the name of speeding up your WordPress site with you I shared your WordPress site Speed... 10 simple ways to increase WordPress site and opening Titled To increase the speed my writing just before I read this post I recommend you review.
> Site Speed Measurement
> Theme Selection
> Cache To Use The Plugin
> CDN Use
> Image Optimization ( Specify Image Dimensions Serve Scaled Images – Optimized Images )
> Plugin Optimization
> Database Optimization
> For Your Images Lazy Load (Lazy Load Images)
> CSS Reduction HTML, JavaScript (Minify CSS – Minify JavaScript Minify HTML)
> HTTP Reducing The Number Of Requests ( Minimizing the number of HTTP request )
> To parallelize downloads ( Parallelize downloads across hostnames )
> Static Remove the query string from the sources (Remove query strings from Static Resources)
> Enable Keep-Alive
> Turn off connection notifications, (Pingbacks and Trackbacks )
> Other Methods For Speeding Up Your WordPress Site (Bonus)
> Host Selection – The Right Company To Work With Host
1: WordPress Site How Speed Is Measured
First the factors that affect the speed of your WordPress site according to him that we need to find the solution we manufacture. Treatment after the initial diagnosis. WordPress site you can measure your speed 4 different tools ( tool ) there are 4 of them reps free and online.
•Google Page Speed
WordPress site this 4 measure your speed in Arabic I would not recommend. After the measurements are made you and your site speed report will be presented as according to the report, we'll make the correction.
2: Theme Selection
Best WordPress news theme - WordPress News Theme fastest - interactive
#A very WordPress users slow their sites the biggest factor that they use the theme originates from. Believe me, this is the case.
#Theme selection so critical, which is officially the theme you have selected you determine the fate of your site.
#If the theme you are using can slow down your site cause, sold the most so far NewsMag NewsPaper themes, such as the number of query even because slow is more your theme to customize a theme but not necessarily fast I would not recommend.
#And if if you are having trouble finding a quick theme, the most Titled Fast and SEO compatible WordPress themes choosing a theme, you quick about spelling it will help.
Fastest A List Of WordPress Themes >>>> 10 Is The Fastest and SEO Compatible WordPress theme
My article all themes available on the market until today encoded themes are SEO compatible and fastest. When you use one of those themes the theme is how positive your Google ranking you won't believe it even if you into impact.
3: cache To Use The Plugin
Wordpress SEO - Use Cache plugin - your WordPress site speeding up
WordPress site acceleration process for Cache plugin to use a necessity rather than a requirement, I think. Speeding up your WordPress site with correct cache settings you can be quite successful in the process.
W3 Total Cache Titled settings and wp super cache Settings some of my other articles most successful and the most detailed setup and settings of the plugin that is used I shared.
#GTmetrix the reports add expires headers Compress components with gzip, browser caching, such as process a lot of Leverage With W3 Total Cache or wp super cache can perform you can upgrade your points.