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WordPress is written using PHP and MySQL languages, which is being created in that moment every page of the website when you visit. Also contains collections of databases that can be said information as though the items in the background is quite important. A database for the work of the platform is essential. User data on the site, reviews, articles, saved to the database is just a lot of classifications on the site. However, some WordPress users due to a database connection error. To solve this situation and that is causing more than one more than one solution.
Database Connection Error Occurs Why?
WordPress is one of the major problems faced by people link errors. The most common reasons that causes this condition are as follows;
•Database connection failures can cause is a corrupted database. Unfold the requested file instead of weird symbols or writings can be seen in a very different way. WordPress is able to read the desired data, unless it is possible to encounter with this warning.
•Server closed stemmed from the fact that as you may not be able to establish a connection with the database server. In this way with the issues warning connection error may occur.
•When input is performed incorrectly, it is possible to encounter with this warning. Because it runs as full access to the database, the entry errors that occur during the state prevents access to the database.
Database Connection Error To Troubleshoot?
WordPress database by using the repair feature, it is possible to resolve the error. WordPress Database with a backup that was created previously be reached if the repair feature to repair damaged files constituted. After this feature is enabled, the FTP client Opens and gives an introduction to the site. Then on the right side of the root WordPress folder opens. Found here wp-config.php the file, right-clicking, and then choose Edit, then press. Here, that's all, stop editing! Happy blogging-line instead of define( ‘WP_ALLOW_REPAIR’, true ); is written and are saved. Then click on the option to fix the database by going to their site.
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If the user name and password is incorrect then it can establish a connection WordPress. The control panel opens, and the database management screen is prompted. Manage the Change Password button and a new password by secengi is determined. WordPress root folder opens wp-config.php the file, right-clicking the view/edit define DB by clicking on the name line and it is examined whether the database name is correct.
As a result of all these steps, the issue is not resolved, reinstall the backup should be performed to the most recently received.
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