Why is Turkey's Telephone Code +90?


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How are the Turkey dialing codes and the area codes of other countries, which enable international calls to be made, determined? Why is the Turkey dialing
code +90?
Let's look at the answer to this question and what the numbers say.
When you want to call a country other than a country, you must enter the international dialing code of that country at the beginning of the number. Otherwise,
not happening. Each country has its own special code. Turkey's area code is +90. North America starts with +1. Varies by country
We will learn the answers to the questions of how these numbers are given and what they mean.
How are the numbers that we know as the country phone (area) code distributed?
turkey dialing code, area codes
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Region 1 - North America: +1

Zone 2 - Africa, Atlantic and Indian Ocean Islands: +2

Region 3/4 - Europe: +3 and +4

Zone 5 - Mexico, Central America and South America: +5

Zone 6 - Southeast Asia and Oceania: +6

Zone 7 - Russia and Kazakhstan: +7

Zone 8 - East Asia and special services: +8

Zone 9 - Southwest Asia, South Asia and Central Asia: +9
list end
The codes of the countries are assigned by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU). As can be seen from the above articles, international numbers
is given according to the geographical location of the countries. However, some countries change the number later on to a different number from their geographical
can switch. Turkey dialing code was also changed before.
Mexico used to use the code +1 as it is located in North America. However, they later started using the +52 area code. internationally, such as Mexico.
It is also possible to find different countries that make changes in the area code. The Sint Maarten region of the Netherlands is one of them. Sint Maarten
from +559 area code, +1 area
switched to code.
Africa, Atlantic and Indian Ocean Islands use the +2 area code. The area code for almost the entire region is 3 digits. Only Egypt(+20) and South Africa(+27)
The area code is two digits. The island of Greenland and the Faroe Islands in the Atlantic also use area codes starting with +2.
Area codes starting with +3 and +4 are used for countries in Europe. The reason why there are two area codes is Yugoslavia, Croatia
There are countries that have disintegrated before and continue as a new country. In 1996 a proposal was made for the area code of all of Europe to be
+3. From now on
Germany switched from +42 to +349, France from +33 to +333. +4 codes were returned.
Why is the Turkey dialing code +90?
Turkey dialing code
Turkey was located in the European region until 1968 and used the +36 area code. However, between 1968-1971, this area code was changed to +90.
changed. In other words, Turkey started to use the area code of the Asian region instead of the European region. Today, the +36 area code is used by Hungary.
As we said at the beginning, country codes are given according to the geographical locations of the countries. Although there are countries that switch
to different numbers in between, Turkey's
Turkey dialing code starts with +9 due to the region it is located in. But when we look at the codes of other countries, it sounds really cool and catchy.
we have a permanent area code.
Turkey is located in the 9th region, among the countries of Southwest Asia, South Asia and Central Asia. The area code of this region also starts with
+9. Our country and TRNC, this
uses +90 among the codes. In the 9th region, five other countries use the two-digit +9 codes. The remaining 9th region countries are
They use area codes that start with +9 but have three digits.
What do the country codes mean?
We thoroughly understood the country codes. Now, let's explain how you can call abroad using these codes with the example of Turkey telephone code. in
area code
The “+” part actually represents 00. In other words, Turkey's phone code is 090. However, when calling GSM numbers, you can use + instead of 00. we again
Let's explain normally.
Let's say we are going to call a mobile phone in Turkey from Germany. To do this, you must first enter 00 followed by the country code and finally the
number without leading zeros.
needs. (Example; 00 90 5XXXXXXXXX) However, as we said, you can also use the + (plus) sign instead of 00. Sample; +90 5XXXXXXXXXX
Will phone codes one day be history?
turkey dialing code, social media
The Internet now covers a large part of the communication network. However, before that, the most important communication tool within or outside the country
was undoubtedly calling with GSM numbers.
With the development of the Internet and different communication applications, it has become much easier to communicate abroad and even domestically. That
is, the internet
We can say that it has started to become a center.
Operators demand high fees from line owners for international calling and message sending services. What you will do from Turkey to a country in Europe
The cost of a 120-minute call can go up to 45 TL. However, you can do this for free from applications such as Facebook, WhatsApp and Skype.
There are also some conveniences brought by such applications. To call someone from your landline or mobile phone, you either need to know their number
must be registered in your directory. Otherwise, if you cannot find the person's number from the unknown numbers services, you cannot make a call.
However, that is not the case nowadays.
turkey dialing code, area codes
Even if you do not know the number of the person you want to call in some internet services, if that person has saved the call information in the system,
you can call automatically.
This system is mostly used by companies institutionally. However, there is no reason why he should not come to social media in the near future. both
We can get rid of long numbers and communicate much faster.
Being a friend of the person on social media such as Facebook, Skype and Line is enough to make a call. After that, you want with just one click.
You can make calls, send messages and video calls anytime. Moreover, these are not done at high prices, but completely free of charge.
As these apps and services become more common, phone numbers may become obsolete in the future.