What is VoIP Technology, which enables us to make voice and video calls with fixed phones, and how does it work?


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VoIP, a technology that eliminates the traditional phone system, is mostly used by corporate businesses. What is VoIP, what does it do, how
By learning the answers to questions such as working, you can make fixed phone calls over the internet at a much more affordable price. Come to the details
let's see.
Today, individual phone usage is done via mobile phones. However, corporate businesses or sole proprietorships working from home
They definitely need a landline phone. Since traditional telephone systems come to your home by laying long copper cables, they are quite troublesome and
Includes paid tariffs. The VoIP system, on the other hand, allows you to use telephone service without the need for any of these.
In fact, the VoIP technology system has been used for both individual and corporate purposes in countries such as the USA since the early 1990s. In our
country, it is close
It was not very common until now. However, with the increase in the quality of internet service and its widespread use, internet providers such as Turkcell
now offer this service.
started to give. Let's take a closer look at the answers to the questions of what is VoIP, what is it for, how to use it.
What is VoIP?
VoIP is an abbreviation for Voice Over Internet Protocol. In its clearer form, VoIP transmits voice data over the internet.
It is a technology system that allows you to make online phone calls by transferring It works directly with internet connection.
When you want to connect a telephone in a traditional telephone system, long copper cables are drawn from the closest connection point to your home or
and the phone is connected. Most of the time, landline phone prices can be annoying. The VoIP system is already connected to your home or workplace.
It provides you with telephone service using the internet service you have.
What does VoIP do?
Let's think like this; you have a small company with a few people or a sole proprietorship where you work from home. For official transactions, with the
For communication, you need a landline phone to put on every employee's desk, or at least for a much healthier connection than mobile. Request
This is where VoIP comes into play.
You already have an internet connection to your workplace or home. The VoIP system does not require an extra installation to connect the existing internet
It also allows you to use a telephone service. The stronger your Internet connection, the stronger your VoIP connection will be.
How does VoIP work?
If you want to use the telephone service over the internet with the VoIP system, your first and most basic need is a strong internet connection. to be
high speed
no need, the internet speed you need is only 0.1 Mbps per second. However, for an uninterrupted and quality telephone service, internet connection is a
It must not be interrupted for a moment.
If you have an analog phone you are using, you need an intermediate device called ATA to use it with the VoIP system. your phone to this device.
and after connecting your ethernet cable, your voice data will be transferred to the internet environment and then to the other party during a normal phone
call. Standard
a cloud system is used.
If you do not have an analog phone you are using, you should buy a VoIP compatible phone. New generation VoIP compatible phones can be used both with ethernet
cable and
It also provides this service over Wi-Fi. Some of the VoIP compatible phones also provide different services apart from the standard phone usage.
Let's come to the most important point, you need a VoIP service provider. Not all internet service providers offer this service. Some providers such as
It allows you to receive this service in an institutional sense. Once you have agreed with such a provider, your calls are priced on a special subscription
VoIP compatible phones are also usually covered by these providers.
Advantages of the VoIP system:
As we mentioned earlier, VoIP over the internet phone service is more suitable for corporate businesses or sole proprietorships working from home.
For individual uses, the minutes given by GSM operators within the scope of the campaigns will be sufficient. WhatsApp because it is not a professional
and phone calls to be made through similar applications will also provide adequate service.
It is not appropriate to make phone calls over WhatsApp, Skype and similar services for professional use. You can't call any number anyway.
VoIP service, on the other hand, works like a fixed phone as we know it, you can call anywhere you want. Likewise, any number can call you.
There is also the financial aspect of the matter. Traditional phone connections can have very high tariff rates, especially for international calls. Service
Although it depends on your provider, the VoIP system will be much more affordable. VoIP is real, especially if you have a business with thousands of calls
a day.
can be life-saving.
If you have a fixed line you are using, you can use this number in the VoIP system by transferring this number to your new provider. If you have a landline
Otherwise, you can get a city prefix number, or you can get a number that is independent of the geographical area, such as 0850. In this case, again, your
VoIP service provider
may vary accordingly.
Is VoIP used?
There is no need if you are considering it for individual home phone use. With applications such as WhatsApp and Skype over your internet connection, you
You can call your friend. Since GSM operators now spend hundreds of minutes blindly, such a system is hardly necessary for individual users.
does not appear.
If you have a corporate business or a sole proprietorship working from home, make sure to use the VoIP system. You have a traditional telephone system
it will not. Assuming you already have a strong internet connection, it would be very useful to add a phone to this connection. voicemail,
Considering the features such as voice e-mail, teleconferencing, and high sound quality, it seems quite advantageous.
We answered questions such as what is VoIP, a new generation fixed phone service, what is it, how does it work, and what you need to know about the subject.
We explained the details. We hope that these days, when we have gradually stopped using cable, even fixed telephone use is done over the internet.
It will also be a message to our internet providers and they will find a solution to our internet system, which attracts less even in the middle of the