What is Pinterest? How to use?


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One of the first few platforms widely followed by social media lovers, Pinterest appeals to millions of people around the world. both fun
If you are wondering what is Pinterest, which is a useful social networking site and how to use it, you can learn all the details thanks to this article.
In the content of our article, important usage such as what is Pinterest, is Pinterest paid, what does Pinterest do, Pinterest account opening and Pinterest
account deletion
We have prepared a rich guide by including tips. If you are ready, we can start our article by answering the question What is Pinterest?
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What is Pinterest?
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How to Use Pinterest What Does It Do?
Is Pinterest a Paid Platform?
How to Open a Pinterest Account?
Create a Pinterest Board
How to Upload Photos to Pineterest?
Following Other Users on Pinterest
Deleting a Pinterest Account
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What is Pinterest?
The shortest answer to the question of what is Pinterest is a digital corkboard. Very popular among social media platforms and apps
Pinterest, which has a place, allows you to have boards where you can attach both your own images and the images of others.
In a sense, Pinterest, which is a platform that also offers solutions to visual searches, offers options to the user with a large number of visual and
video content. Pinterest
Wallpaper and Pinterest videos attract a lot of attention. The application of the site, where you can find sharing on almost any subject with its rich
content, is also
very practical and effective.
How to Use Pinterest What Does It Do?
In order to use Pinterest, you must first create a member registration on the platform. A few short words on the page that welcomes you “Discover your
next passion”
You can quickly become a member by entering information. Then you can start pinning, follow new products in your interests and keep up to date with developments.
You can watch.
So, what is the use of Pinterest, which you can easily become a member of? Pinterest is where you can create multiple boards where you can add various
images and videos.
It is a digital medium. You can both add your own shares to your boards, and you can pin other shares that you like.
You can create a nice archive by pinning the videos and photos you like and want to follow. In this way, you can develop your personal interests and
You can also share it with others. For example, thanks to the platform where you can share the picture of a sweater you have knitted by describing its
You can reach thousands of people. While enriching their experience, you can also improve your own knowledge and skills with the shares from them. Or
You can create a useful board for those who want to see you later by sharing the places you have visited with short notes.
Thanks to the platform that businesses actively use, you can catch interesting opportunities and notice the latest products early. Different
You can come together with people who have ideas and reveal your own creativity. Hundreds of recipes for a dish by browsing through different ideas.
You can find a template for your tattoo. In short, you can use Pinterest as a rich pool of ideas for whatever you're looking for.
How to use Pinterest to do all this, let's go over it step by step…
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Is Pinterest a Paid Platform?
First of all, let's answer the question that our readers who have not started to use it yet. It has such a common usage area and is regularly used by millions
of people.
Of course, you ask if Pinterest is a paid platform. The answer is clear; no. Pinterest is a free platform. In use since 2010
The site, which is open, increased its popularity by reaching more people with the "Best Social Media Application" award it received in 2012. Then other
Pinterest, which also focuses on synchronization with social networks, has been integrated with many social networks and made easier to control. Technical
The platform, which constantly renews itself with developments, continues to be used free of charge.
How to Open a Pinterest Account?
After a basic introduction about Pinterest, we can move on to how it is used in more detail. Register your Pinterest subscription with the Pinterest account
sign-up step.
After creating, you can login to the site. We've listed all the steps you need to follow for this start:
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First you need to enter the official Pinterest page.

If you wish, you can continue with the opening step with your e-mail address or with your Facebook or Google accounts that are open at that time.

You need to follow the steps by giving the closest answer to the questions asked. You can choose the language you use in Turkish because the platform supports
Turkish language.

In the last step, the platform that wants to determine the areas that interest you, asks you to choose 5 areas of interest. You need to mark them as well.

If you have registered with your e-mail address, open the confirmation mail sent to your e-mail address and click the link to confirm your e-mail address.

After confirming your email address, you can start creating pins and boards by browsing Pinterest.
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Note: You can also create a business account if you wish. For this, you need to follow the "Create a business account" option at the bottom.
Create a Pinterest Board
The first feature you should know about this social network when you start using Pinterest is the board feature. Create and create countless boards to
save images and videos.
You can pin anything you want to these boards, so you can save them.
To create a new board and save an image you like;
· Click on one of the Photos you like while browsing Pinterest,
· You will see a red "save" button on the photo. Click it,
· Write a board name and press the create button.
In this way, you have both created a board and saved a post you like to this board.
· In this way, you can pin images to the boards you have opened at the same time. When you have many boards, you can choose which board you want to save
and save.
You can do.
How to Upload Photos to Pineterest?
To upload a Pin (image) to Pinterest, you just need to follow a few simple steps:
· Enter your Pinterest profile.
· Click the plus sign just below the network's search bar and confirm the “Create Pin” option.
· After this step, you can pin the image you want to your Pinterest account and post it to your desired board.
Following Other Users on Pinterest
While you are actively using your Pinterest account, you will come across many shares that interest you. To follow the profiles that make these posts
Just click the Follow button on that person's profile.
If you do not want to follow the profile, but only want to access some of its shares later, then you can directly save it to your board. Your profile
You can do this by choosing from among the boards and clicking the Follow button on the board.
Deleting a Pinterest Account
You may want to remove or delete your Pinterest account. If you want to permanently remove all your information, posts and account on Pinterest then
You need to follow the account closing steps. When you do this, your pins and boards are also removed and cannot be restored. So not sure
We recommend that you do not close your account.
To close your personal accounts, that is, to delete a Pinterest account, simply follow the steps below.
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Sign in to your Pinterest account,

To access the menu, click the down arrow at the top right,

enter the settings,

Then click on account settings,

Click "Close account" in the section specified as account changes,

After stating your reason for leaving Pinterest, click next.

· Pinterest will send you an e-mail to make sure that the request to close your account is from you. So choose “Send email”.

· You can close your Pinterest account, that is, delete it, by confirming the account closing link sent to your e-mail address.
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However, we would like to note a few details that need to be reminded: Your profile will be closed immediately when you close your account. However, a
change of mind
Your login information is stored for 14 days in case you do.
If you want to return within this period, if you log in to Pinterest and log in with your last password, you can send the platform account activation link
to the mail address.
will send. Otherwise, your password and login information will be disabled at the end of the period.