What is PHP? 12 Most Used PHP Libraries


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What do emerging Fortune 500 tech startups and corporate giants like Facebook and Slack all have in common?
Using end-to-end PHP in computing infrastructures…
It may sound surprising, but over 88% of websites are built with PHP.
So what exactly is this PHP?
What is PHP?
What Rasmus Lerdorf thought of as a small open-source project in 1994, PHP emerged as an intuitive server-side scripting language.
PHP, short for “Hypertext Processor”, is an open source scripting language. It is widely used in small and large industrial applications.
PHP scripts are run directly on the server side.
PHP can seamlessly perform the following functions:
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Creating dynamic page content that can be easily updated

Creating, opening, reading, writing and finalizing files on the server

Ability to collect form data

Sending and receiving cookies

Controlling user access

Encrypt sensitive user data
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What are the Advantages of Using PHP?
PHP is known as the most commonly used programming language as more than 88% of websites are built with PHP.
So why is it so popular?
Let's examine the advantages together:
1. Open Source Code
The first thing you should know about PHP is that this technology is free in every sense. The highlight of open source technology is the vast array of
people working with it.
developer community. This community not only uses PHP every day, but also brings new positive changes and improvements. programmers
in this way, it learns faster and implements the latest solutions in the shortest possible time. Moreover, unlike many other programming languages, PHP
has its own
has support.
2. Scalability
Scalability is essential for a website to grow and handle increased traffic. Websites built with PHP, more when needed
It can be easily expanded by adding a server.
3. High Speed
As PHP uses its own memory, both workload and load time are reduced. Therefore, the processing speed is quite high. This is not just for developers,
it is also an advantage for customers who receive the product earlier.
4. Security
Some argue that PHP is not secure enough because it is open source. But the truth is that any programming language, not just PHP
is also defenseless. The level of security depends on a developer's expertise and practices. For example, one of the ways to prevent security breaches
to provide software testing.
5. Affordable Cost
Since PHP is open source, it does not require any expensive additional software to run. PHP is free to use, which reduces development cost.
6. Custom Development
Server-side PHP is the best tool for building custom websites as it is not limited to any custom options.
Developers can build PHP-based web platform that fits customers' needs exactly. For example, by combining the developer team with JavaScript
can create a website that is both functional and beautiful.
Popular Websites Using PHP
As we said before, more than 88% of websites on the internet are built with PHP. But which major platforms have this programming?
If you're wondering what language you use, you can check out the list below:
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Facebook Estimated 25.7 Billion Monthly Visits

Wikipedia 15B Estimated Visits per Month

Yahoo 4.8B Monthly Estimated Visits

Flickr 65.44M Estimated Monthly Visits

Tumblr Estimated 328.9 Million Monthly Visits




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12 Most Used PHP Libraries
Developers can use PHP code with a range of website templates and frameworks for enhanced functionality and features. However, writing PHP code is tiring.
Because it will be a time-consuming and time-consuming process, developers use PHP libraries instead of writing code to reduce development time and add
features to the site.
Using PHP libraries instead of writing code drastically reduces website development time and thus helps developers improve website design.
It allows you to focus on other important aspects.
Below will help website developers to easily increase the functionality of their site and optimize PHP development time
We have compiled a list of the 12 best PHP libraries:
1. PChart
It is an impressive PHP library that helps to generate text data in visual graphic format. Data, bar charts, pie charts, and other
can be viewed in formats. The PHP script creates charts and graphs using SQL queries that help to create amazing charts and graphs.
2. Dispatch
is a simple PHP library that can define URL rules to better organize your site. Using this PHP library, certain HTTP paths,
allows you to match requests and much more.
3. Services_JSON
Allows the transmission of human-readable data. The latest version of the PHP library provides great convenience in data transfer over the server.
4. ImageWorkshop
It's a great open source PHP library that lets you control the rendering of images with layers. Using the PHP library, you can view images in many
You can crop, resize, add watermarks, create thumbnails and manipulate images differently. PHP library,
can facilitate further development of the images used on the website.
5. Mink
is another useful PHP library that helps you test the smooth interaction of web pages with internet browsers. Library, different browsers
It provides a better testing environment for developers by eliminating API differences between
6. PHP Thumbnailer
PHP Thumbnailer,
It is a simple image manipulation PHP library that helps to generate thumbnails. Resize on thumbnails by height, width, percentage,
rotate image etc. Provides additional controls.
7. PHP Text to Image
PHP Text to Image,
is a PHP library that converts text to images.
8. Faker
It is a very useful PHP library that can help generate fake data when needed. Using the PHP library, anonymizing data, data
You can perform various tasks such as booting the base, creating XML documents, and performing stress tests.
9. PHP Image Upload Class
PHP Image Upload Class,
is a powerful PHP library that can streamline the process of uploading images to a form. A developer using this library with a file input command
can upload images.
10. Ratchet
web developers,
It can create real-time and bidirectional applications between clients and servers using the PHP library. PHP library, traditional HTTP
It helps to promote and build event-driven applications instead of using requests.
11. PHP Export XLS Class
PHP Export XLS Class,
It is a lightweight, fast and simple PHP library that can export different types of data to Excel. It can convert a wide variety of data formats to .xls
format. Library,
it can work with multiple worksheets, metadata (title, author, description, etc.), different font types and styles, fills and cell borders.
Developers can also use the PHP extension to add images to the spreadsheet.
12. . phpDocumentor
It is a useful automatic documentation tool that helps to create professional documents using PHP code. PHP library add functionality to the site
It supports many different features for Some of the features supported by the PHP library are; Including customized documents like manuals
It includes support such as linking and linking documents. The PHP library can help automate the documentation.
PHP to build all kinds of websites, starting from landing pages and simple WordPress websites, to complex web platforms like Facebook.
language that can be used.
Flexibility, naturalness, multiple integration opportunities and high speed are the main reasons to use PHP in web projects.