What is Hosting and what purpose is Hosting used?


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Suppose you have created a new document on your computer. To store this document, you save that file to your computer's disk and shut down your computer. So imagine that this document is your web page.

Since you can't host your Web pages on your own computer on the internet, you need a computer that is very powerful, can serve you seven days and twenty-four hours and will continue to publish your web site quickly without any problems at all levels. These computers are technically called servers.
Web Hosting is a web site publishing service created by a combination of powerful hardware and software web servers that enable uninterrupted web sites and pages belonging to individuals and organizations to be published on the internet. The web pages prepared are uploaded to these advanced web servers with various file transfer software via the control panel, domain definitions are made and made ready for publication. Another name for this service is hosting service. It is also called web hosting, especially among Website Designers and webmaster s. The Hosting service makes your websites accessible 24/7 from anywhere in the world.

"Hosting is a web site publishing service that enables the uninterrupted publication of websites and pages belonging to individuals and organizations on the internet. "

What purpose is Hosting used?
In the simplest terms, if you want to publish your web site on the internet and be accessible, it is the first requirement to obtain hosting service.
Let's say you want to share your experiences with people with a dedicated blog page. Or you want to sell a product you are producing on the internet. Or you have the intention of creating a forum where people meet and share their experiences and socialize. You need hosting services for all these dreams.
This service you have acquired has many features. To be fast your pages, your pages and content security software that will pass in front of possible attacks made to losses if you have most of the web servers to be accessible from anywhere in the world that gives you high-quality service across data centers against loss of data that may be on your web pages to back up your data periodically in determining the quality of hosting service are the main features.

What are the Hosting options?
You should choose the appropriate hosting service according to the web technologies you have used on your website and the purpose of your website. There are different needs for each project and it is very important that you choose a service that is appropriate to that need.
For example, if you want to set up a comprehensive e-commerce shop while the shared hosting service can be sufficient for a personal blog, you should check out the larger cloud server-style hosting services. For example, if you are creating your pages with Wordpress, which is the most advanced content management system in the world, Wordpress hosting service for you may be a more accurate choice. Let's take a look at our Hosting options;
1st.Wordpress Hosting

If you are using wordpress, which is the most widely used content management system and blogging tool in the world, you must use wordpress hosting. Wordpress hosting service, a service specifically optimized for wp E that provides 100% application compatibility. Therefore, almost in a few minutes, you can publish your wordpress site without any problems as fast as possible. You will not encounter any problems as soon as you perform the installations.
2nd ed.Linux Hosting

It is the right solution for websites that are specifically designed with tools that conform to the open source philosophy of PHP, MySQL, Python etc. You load your pages very quickly, build your database through the control panel, and get your site published as fast as you can with 100% application compatibility.
There are thousands of open source based web (cms, blog, forum, knowledge base, e-commerce) applications that we have mentioned around the world. If you want to use and host these applications, you should choose this service again.

3.Windows Hosting
Microsoft software technologies are designed to be easy and flexible to design web software. These technologies ( asp.net a web site developed with .NET core, mssql), is again forced to serve through a hosting infrastructure built with these technologies. This type of hosting infrastructure is called windows hosting. You can get uninterrupted and fast service through these hosting infrastructures developed on the Windows Server operating system.

4.Corporate Hosting
Businesses have special needs. In particular, a web hosting service with a higher email quota, a higher ssd disk space, and advanced security definitions are mandatory features that should be required in a corporate hosting service. Corporate companies ' web pages require higher web server resources ( cpu, ram, and ssd disk). This needs a corporate hosting must be able to meet without any problems.

5.Cloud Server
Your business has grown, you get orders every day and your internet traffic has started to rise. Your website is now taking up more CPU, memory and disk space because of the density. How beautiful we are for you. You may not meet these new resource needs in shared hosting services and you may experience slowdowns and disruptions on your website.
For this type of high resource needs, cloud server hosting services should be used.
Cloud server is briefly referred to as virtual server services, which are specifically reserved for hardware resources. One large physical server can be divided into dozens of small cloud servers and each customer is provided with an isolated server hosting service. When resources are specific to you, your websites will work faster and more uninterrupted.

6.Dedicated Server ( Physical Server)
It is the largest and most powerful service among hosting services. Just imagine a massive and powerful physical server where your website is hosted and all hardware resources are assigned to your website. With this service, your website works as fast as possible. Your customers access your web page at the speed of light.

This service is strong as well as a high cost service. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you obtain this service by considering the income-expense balances of your site. If you want to have the fastest hosting service, you must review the dedicated server service. This service is strong as well as a high cost service. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you obtain this service by considering the income-expense balances of your site.
We tried to brief you on the Hosting options. We ask for forgiveness if we speak a swordsman.

What services can be taken with Hosting?
With the help of our web hosting services, we would like to introduce you to the side services that may be required for you in this section. ;
A. Domain registration and domain transfer
You need a domain name to publish your website. It is possible to query and register a domain with infinite options in different extensions.
Many hosting companies also provide domain registration and domain transfer services. If you are using the same domain name, you will be able to use the same domain name as the domain name.
B. SSL certificates
Encryption of data transfer between all websites and those that call websites around the world has now become a necessity for security reasons. Especially since google has stated that the search engine will keep the pages with ssl certificate in the foreground, the number of sites without ssl certificate has dropped by up to 5 percent.

You can select the SSL certificate from the free ssl certificate if you wish, or the paid and security guaranteed ssl certificate if you wish. We recommend that you choose free ssl if there is no commercial activity on your website, and a paid ssl certificate if there is a commercial activity to instill confidence in your customers. The best Hosting companies can also offer both ssl certificates to their customers.
C. Site setup (ready site creation tools)

You have no knowledge of Web design, but you need a website. Don't worry, site setup style web design tools will help you with this. You can create your pages without having any programming knowledge and publish your site in a few hours.
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Fast Web Pages
What's the difference between slow opening and fast opening of your pages? Ultimately completing access to your website in both? Let's examine this very important issue. According to research (see. New industry Benchmarks for Mobile Page Speed (New industry Benchmarks for Mobile page Speed) the slower access to a web page, the more likely it is to leave that page.

This means that a slow website means access to fewer users, that you can sell your services to fewer customers, in short, that you can achieve multiple times below the yield you want to achieve.

For these reasons, your website should always be opened 24/7 in the fastest way and performance should definitely not be reduced. As the number of sites that Hosting companies define on their hosting servers increases, the CPU, ram and disk resources assigned to each site are reduced. Ultimately you get a slower reach. Therefore, make sure that you receive services from servers that have fewer sites hosted, that have more server resources assigned to your site, and that have specifically performed server optimizations.
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