What is Hosting and what is it used for?


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Do you intend to build your own website or move your existing website to a more powerful platform? I'm sure you have a lot of ramifications for what kind of services you're going to need. What is Hosting? What kind of hosting services are available? What is the appropriate hosting service for me; do I need shared hosting, VPS or a dedicated server? Should I obtain an SSL certificate for my website?
In this article, I will try to answer all these questions, starting with the simplest concepts and services and reaching out to the more complex ones.

What is Hosting?
Think about it; why do you keep your files on your computer's hard drive? Because it allows you to access them freely at any time. A website is very similar to a Word file; you need a computer to host it. The difference is that the computer that hosts your website needs to be open all the time so that it is accessible to both you and your visitors at any time.

Unlike our home computers, we need a machine that is connected to the internet over a network and has much more bandwidth than our home connection to host our website. It is also important that the machine in question is functioning properly for 7 days and 24 hours. These kinds of machines and computers are called web servers.

What does Hosting do?
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In order for your website to always be available and accessible, you need a hosting service to host it. Unfortunately, the computers and connections we use at home are not enough to make your website accessible to everyone. Perhaps you have the budget to buy your own server and a very powerful internet connection, but believe me, this is not a good idea; it will cost a lot! Therefore, the best option is to use a hosting service.

Hosting companies host their customers ' websites on their servers, and these servers are located in their data processing centers (CPD). These are formations that have the most advanced security systems, as well as continuous and secure internet connections (both hardware and software).
What kind of hosting options are there?

Depending on what kind of website you want to set up, the hosting service you will need will also differ. For example, if you want to set up a personal blog, a hosting service with basic features might be enough. However, if you are going to set up an e-commerce site or a corporate website for your business, you may need to take advantage of a more professional hosting service.
Although the needs of each project are different, we will consider what you will need in general. If you are unsure or have questions, we advise you to contact the technical team of your chosen hosting provider. Speaking of what is Hosting, let's look at the options…
Shared hosting
Hosting providers typically offer services that allow you to share resources with multiple users. Depending on which plan you choose, you can host multiple websites on the same hosting service. Many providers also provide unlimited traffic hosting, so you don't face any surprise additional costs if your consumption is maximized in any given month.
VPS virtual server
A private virtual server, aka VPS, is a server divided into independent virtual machines. Since shared hardware is used, the cost of the virtual server is generally lower than that of said servers. The main advantage is that VPs have guaranteed resources, which are not shared with others, and you can use them however you want. This allows you to have more control and flexibility than shared hosting.
WordPress Hosting

WordPress is one of the most widely used Content Management Systems (CMS) in the world. In addition to enabling automatic updates and backups using server-level systems such as SSD drives and Nginx servers, the hosting plans that focus especially on WordPress also ensure the security of your website.

Dedicated server.

A dedicated server is a physical machine or computer devoted to a single user by its simple definition. The user can use all of the server's resources, from bandwidth to disk space. Dedicated servers are especially ideal for websites with high monthly traffic volume, websites with more need for uploading and downloading files.

Corporate Hosting
What is Enterprise Hosting, easy to use cPanel is a hosting service that combines the power and performance of VPS. With corporate Hosting, you get bandwidth as well as processor and dedicated.RAM, and all of these are the elements that high traffic, data-heavy and/or e-commerce websites need.