What is Domain Renewal?


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Under the fact that most companies start their marketing strategies with domain name selection; domain names; greater than thought on prestige and SEO
it has influence.
This important role that domain names play beyond being a "site address" is that they also start a kind of countdown timer from the moment they are registered.
is getting bigger. This counter; Domain names also have an expiration date and access to the site may be interrupted if the renewal fee is not paid.
whispers that the domain name will become registerable by others.
For this reason, the most common unpleasantness about domain names, which are an important part of companies or individuals' online identity, is domain
We can say that the process is forgotten.
What most website owners need to know, unaware that domain names can expire; actually buy the registration process they perform.
It is a rental operation of some kind, not receiving!
That's why every website owner who wants to protect their brand, traffic and effort put into their site will know what happens when a domain name expires
It is useful to know what domain name renewal means.
What is Domain Renewal?
While researching domain and hosting prices, you must have encountered the phrase "renewal price". This is because both hosting and domain services are
to be among the services whose registration is renewed periodically (usually once a year). In other words, registering a domain name does not pay the renewal
as long as that domain name is yours only for a limited time.
If you want your website to stay live, the domain name you own; You must renew before the expiration date of the right of use. a domain name
renewable for a minimum of 1 year and a maximum of 10 years.
Even if your contract includes auto-renewal, check whether the renewal requires your intervention or payment.
It is recommended to check first.
Why Do Domain Names' Expiration Dates Matter?
If you want to continue using or holding a domain name in your portfolio, you must pay the regular renewal fee. Otherwise;
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Failure to renew your domain name when it expires can cause a competitor to hold your domain name that you will never get again, or even redirect it to
their own site.
may cause.
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All the time and effort you put into gaining the trust of your audience can go to waste.
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Expiring domain names can cause your site to lose its ranking in search engine results. Moreover, those early times when you built everything from scratch.
You may have to continue on your way, losing your motivation due to this unpleasantness, or you may have to get your domain name back with very high fees.
you can stay.
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Domain Name Renewal Procedures
There are a number of steps to ensure that a domain name you forgot to renew is completely out of your control. These phases can be done with a renewal
fee or penance.
It covers a period of 75 days during which you also have the opportunity to reclaim your domain name. If you are likely to lose your domain name to someone
else at the end of the process
is greatly increased.
There may be a few days difference in the above periods according to the hosting companies and the hosting companies. Usually when your domain name's
renewal date approaches
you start receiving warning emails from your registrar. Of course, it is important to make sure that these emails do not end up in the spam folder.
Once a domain is in the pending delete stage, the owner no longer has a chance to get it back, even with redemption. The domain name has been in this status
for about 5 days
After the stay, it will be “available” for the new recording so that everyone can register again. In this case, act quickly to rename the domain before
someone else grabs it.
You can try to buy again.
Famous Brands Forgot Domain Renewal
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Yatra.com, one of India's largest travel sites, forgot to renew its domain name in April 2012. Online transactions related to travel in India
The company that runs 30% of it has lost both numerous customers in the $5.7 billion market and its partnership with the State Bank of India because of
this mistake.

Regions Bank; The 22nd largest bank in the United States. Regions Bank with more than 1700 branches and 2400 ATMs; in April 2013
When he forgot to renew his name, customers' access to online banking transactions and the bank's main website was interrupted for about a week. Bank
He had to publicly apologize.
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The American telecom company Sorenson Communications forgot to renew its domain name in 2017, causing a three-day outage on the site. The company pays
The fine was around $3 million.
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One of the most famous examples is the Dallas Cowboys forgetting to renew their domain name in 2010 when news circulated that they had fired their trainer.
had to pay the registrar of the domain name and the website was down for several days.
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Foursquare was a business worth nearly $80 million when it forgot to renew its domain name.
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In July 2017, marketing giant Marketo, which was once valued at over $1 billion, forgot to renew its domain.
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We've saved the most surprising name for last: Microsoft! In 1999 and 2003 Microsoft forgot to renew its two domains; passport.com and
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To find out the expiration date of your domain name
WHOIS query
or you can browse your domain information at your registrar.
Some companies may offer options to automatically renew your domain name. This will work best for those who want to hold their domain name for a long time.
could be the solution. However, if your auto-renewal is tied to your credit card, you should make sure that there is no problem with your card during the
renewal period.
Usually your registrar will send you a few reminder emails when your domain is about to expire. Therefore, your communication to the registrar
You should make sure that your information is up-to-date, check your e-mails regularly, and that e-mails are not directed to the spam folder.
Keeping track of multiple domain names with different expiration dates across different registrars will not be easy.
It is recommended that you keep it with a single registrar that you can manage from one place.
What Happens After Domain Names Expire?
You can learn what to do for expired domain names and domain status codes from our article.
Although domain renewal is extremely simple, it is a step that can be easily forgotten, so in order not to risk the success of your site / business,
It is recommended that you renew your name before it expires.