What Is Domain? Domain Information For Beginners


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What is Domain? In Turkish, Domain name (or domain name) is essentially the opposite of the physical address of your website. Consider, for example, a navigation satellite. It first needs an address or zip code to provide you with the necessary directions. In the same way, your internet Browser needs a domain name to get you to a site.

What's Domain? Domain name consists of two important elements. For example Facebook.com the domain name contains the name of the website (i.e. Facebook) and the extension of the domain name (.com). When a company (or person) purchases a domain name, it can determine which server that address will point to.
Domain name records are monitored by an organization called ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers). If you want to add a domain controller to a domain, you must first create a domain controller for the domain controller.

All websites you visit effectively contain two elements: a domain name and a web server.
A web server is a physical machine that hosts the files and databases on which your website is created and delivers them when someone wants to visit your site.
What is domain name? Domain name is the address people write to enter your site. These addresses point to the server where the information is stored in the Internet Browser. When there is no Domain name, people can only access your site by entering the IP address of your server – this is not practical, since IP addresses are made up of long numbers.

How Does Domain Work?
You can think of Domain names as a shortcut to the server hosting your web site.
Without a Domain name, people who want to visit your site will have to enter the exact IP address. However, the problem is that IP addresses are not easily memorized.
For example, Hostinger.com is a domain name. Let's say it points to an IP address of This IP address points to the server, but the site does not open when visitors try to visit it. This is because in order to access the site with an IP address, the remote server must use port 80 for a default page in the directory where the web applications are stored (for example, index.html).

As you can see, dealing with basic server settings and IP addresses can become both confusing and time-consuming. This is why many web site owners prefer to use a service with annual Web hosting plans that come with the name domain, such as Hostinger.

Domain ile ilgili görsel sonucu

Domains also use routing. In this way, you can automatically redirect a person visiting your domain address to another domain address. This method is especially useful for campaigns, micro sites, or to direct people to custom destination pages for your site. Another advantage is that confusion can be prevented from spelling rules. For example www.fb.com when you visit, www.facebook.com you'll be directed to his address.