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The first requirement to step into the world of internet is that you have a domain and hosting. And what does it do what is domain and hosting, how to buy thanks to this post on such topics as there won't be any question in mind. Even using the comment section at the bottom of the post if you have questions attached to your mind instantly, you can ask them to me. So without further ado let's get started!
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ofyalci the-domainDomain word in the English language as the area of interest area of the property means (see fig.: domain). In English usage ‘is the name. Domain, i.e., the domain name of a web site designated by the specific name only. Each web site has a unique IP address. For example, the IP address of a blog is kurdu It is difficult to be catchy domain names to the IP address of a website an improved method for you. So blogkurdu.net actually ‘s and is catchy.
If the domain name so you can see the site I gave above was established blog such a thing as you would have to memorize the address. Every day we log into Facebook, click Google to be able to walk for you visit to be able to ‘i, respectively, and without missing one number, you would need to know by heart. The domain name you how it is given a name so we can recognize if the IP is a utility to recognize and address in order to reach a website easily manufactured. If you want to try if I gave you the IP addresses, browser type in the address bar you can visit!
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Domain names are sold in a way that is open to anyone. To be sold with the full meaning actually, I can't say either. That is to say all the world's domain names, ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and numbers – Internet Assigned Names and Numbers Authority) is assigned by an institution called. Every domain name is redirected to an IP address by the authority. ICANN, the domain name to the end users, so some issues certificates for companies to reach out to us. This certified companies (companies domain) to be no more than 10 years in at least 1 domain name to us that they hire. When you purchase a domain name actually, that is completely up to you. During the hire period. When your superiors you do not renew your domain name registration expires, is deleted, the field name and then you will be able to get someone else.
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Domain for sale are made by hundreds of companies accredited by ICANN. Nice hosting, Veridyen, Turhost seen as the most reliable domain and hosting in Turkey is one of the companies.
•Domain (domain name) is the name of a web site.
•Domain can be purchased for no more than ten years at least a period of one year (can be rented).
•Domain web site for a publication to make it with or without the IP address to access the site, it is theoretically possible but must memorize.
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hostingHosting domain and, to be a guest in the English Meaning of the word, means the host and the guest (CF.: hosting). In Turkish, it is the internet site hosting service. The pages of a web site, pictures, musics and all similar data that can be stored with the custom hardware of computers (servers) to be hosted on (storage storage) requires. Delivery and storage business to users of this data is called web hosting. Each domain with a web hosting works.
Blog Established through again let's give example. Web Hosting is what allows you to read these articles now. Blog kurdu in every text, every picture, every page in short, each item is stored on a server. The data that is stored in the web hosting through to us are sent. Click the Data Domain and hosting and is accessible by matching with each other. Web hosting brands only such as a hard disk, size, and characteristics such as the speed of reading and writing that can be priced according to their service. A sort of factors that determine the quality and cost of web hosting.
1: server operating systems: each server is actually a personal computer. Every computer with an operating system works. The operating systems of the servers, Linux and windows in the form of divided into two. However, this is a condition that can be noticed when using our website, We are not referenced from the extension of the internet site can be understood. Linux: .php for Windows: .aspx). Occurs because of the differences of some systemic and software features. Now the blog was founded on the site hosted on the server with a Linux operating system I have. Most websites are hosted on Linux operating system servers. Mostly a web hosting server's operating system does not affect the price of the package.
2: disk space – storage space (disk space): shows the boundary of your web hosting package storage space. For example, you must have a size of 8 GB of flash memory, his is the limit of disk space. Web Hosting also in the same way, according to the company's package may have different storage you buy. Storage space is one of the most important characteristics that determines the price of a web hosting package.
3: bandwidth (bandwidth): bandwidth, which is one of the most important features of a hosting service within a certain period (1 month) are available in the total data transfer limit. So, let's say you bought a hosting package with 10 GB of bandwidth. This is used by all visitors on your website in a month, including data refers to the limit of data you can download. While reading this article you now I actually hosting a small amount of data downloads on my package. And this is my monthly bandwidth quota from the falls. All visitors the downloaded data are combined and the total bandwidth utilization occurs. My limit is 10 GB per month if I have exceeded my bandwidth limit and this is my website monthly stays closed until the cycle is completed. On this same server hosting sites is one of the measures to avoid weight that was put on top of each other. Bandwidth, are one of the most important elements that determines the price of a hosting package. The number of visitors of a web site that has a lot more data if the bandwidth is not high downloading will be closing the site for 1 month. To start with a very high bandwidth so you have no need to buy the package. It has the option of increasing the bandwidth most hosting company at any time.
4: Location: the location of the servers hosting package hosting refers to the location of where the package is stored on the world. Hosting location for affecting both quality and the price of the package, your visitors is a very important feature that you need to pay attention to. Let your audience completely and left you in a foreign country your visitors are located from hosting servers in Turkey, people bought it. This will delay the arrival of the data of your web site visitors is a condition that can cause you to lose the opening and slow. This when purchasing a hosting package that reason, but not necessarily the location information review. Determine the location according to your target audience.
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5: MySQL database: if you're a blogger, you often get used to hearing this term. Most websites and most of them all the blog software and data (typed articles, categories, page numbers, etc.) uses the database to save. Worpress especially if you use a little bit I recommend you to increase your knowledge of the database. The number of MySQL database hosting package is a package are among the features that determine the cost of hosting.
5 the above mentioned web hosting package that determines the initial term of price and quality terms. Say the initial term may be enough reason to pay attention to this topic for beginners in this data because it is necessary. In the coming days for the characteristics that determine the quality and cost of hosting package you compile and publish a professional website in I will.
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As in any product when buy domain and hosting, most reliable, and prefer brands has heard of my work is to treat. Maybe you can pay a few pounds more, yes, but this is the first step to make a business better. The properties which determine the price of a domain and hosting with the main lines of I told you above. When you buy a domain, domain registration company make sure that it is solid. After registration your domain that you do not want to slip away from your hand so be careful. For popular extensions.com, .net, .org, .we) average price usually 25-40 pounds.
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Veridyen very high-quality service and customer satisfaction before anything else LogoVeridyen the hosting industry when he joined the rare veridyen you feel that put you in the initial stages of making the woes of the companies hosting and domain are managed by a team equipped to save even. Quick solution to generating insights, accurate and transparent manner on the products and services to take first place on my list is the biggest reason. With options to pay monthly hosting packages with very affordable prices and you you want about speed and security will give. Almost all of the users were satisfied with that said I will use it for more than many years with a rare and veridyen hosting company to see the products now veridyen.com‘a go.
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Nice Hosting:I'm very pleased with their products that I use and a domain and a hosting company. Featured domain will delight you with affordable prices, the monthly payment with the ease of hosting packages with affordable prices and you will find what you need easily enough found I have no doubt. Which is one of Turkey's fastest hosting from the hosting companies that will give you beautiful results, it's very nice to purchase products at a very reasonable price.
Turhost the fastest and most reliable hosting company hostingturhost Turkish domain registration and hosting packages prices average from the beginning of turhost you will be happy with. Offering good opportunities for you to become a better blogger to WordPress hosting packages and you can perform your shopping accessed turhost you can count on.
In the first stage, the domain and the hosting companies I gave above, your business will present you with products that will easily see all the hardware specifications. More detailed in my article company, New reviews, product comparisons and ratings to make healthy choices more, I'll help. In this paper, and to give you some ideas about how to buy domain and hosting is what I tried to share my experiences with you. To produce faster and better quality content free e-mail subscribers before anyone else, you'll find content that may be instant.