What is ASP


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It is a programming language developed for producing Web pages. It was developed by Microsoft. Stands for”active Server Pages". It runs within IIS. It contains special objects and codes. When pages are requested by the client, the server processes the code in ASP to generate the requested information from the client and then does the sending process. Information is often sent in HTML. With HTML, a graphic file can also be created and sent to the client.

“What is ASP?"now that we have clarified the question, “What does ASP do?” let's look at the question now. When you want to change the content on the Web page, it comes in and makes the necessary change. He also makes the new additions himself. In the question-asking process performed with HTML, the user answers the questions and performs the submitted data.

Import, edit, process and delete information from the database to which you are connected, make new additions, and send the results that the user wants. It also performs the process of personalizing the interface. It is safe because the code written cannot be viewed by others. Traffic density can be reduced by reducing server usage.
ASP ile ilgili görsel sonucu

It was developed in 1996 and is a programming language. But it won't work alone. Especially works with the web server.

Thanks to this programming language, it is very easy to create electronic commerce sites. In addition, database applications can be made very easy and effortless. The code cannot be run in the browser, because it is a technique that runs independently of all browsers. It is very attractive and easy to learn the language for those who know the script before, since the script languages are used in it. Code writing can even be created by a simple editor. The written codes are also published by placing them in the directory via the web server. The program has three different parts. ASP is the first part of the code. The second is the web server. The last one is HTML code. The extension is surely".asp " has to be.

There are five sections that you can use in an ASP page. The first is plain text. Then the ASP codes are. The third one is the script languages mentioned above. The fourth is ASP objects. The last one is ADO objects. “What is ASP?"the answer to his question is active Server Pages, we said. So, how do these active Server Pages work? It has Code to run by the server and creates dynamic pages using these codes. The resulting pages contain a number of built-in objects. The operating principle is not confusing. First, the user writes the desired address into his browser and waits for the browser's response. The browser forwards this request to the web server via DNS. The Web server starts the search process for the requested page and searches for it according to the codes it finds in the directory. Found Page in ASP.It's sent to the DLL.

The commands in the file are processed and the HTML page is created. The generated HTML page is sent to the browser and finally the code is interpreted in the browser.
With this technique, which is faster than other techniques, it is possible to add records by accessing some databases. In addition, querying and changing operations are done quickly and easily. The most important feature is that it is used in e-commerce and is the center of e-commerce. The language it uses can be interpreted by the server. “What is ASP?"the fact that the question is simply an active server page is not enough to say. Because it is encoded with server side, no one can access the source codes. That makes it important. You can call the system by typing the name of the file you want and the file is located. You want the file to be interpreted and the file to be interpreted by ASP.The DLL is made by. However, this interpretation is not done immediately. Because it's Global first.the operation of the ASA is controlled. After looking at which language is used, it checks and checks Global.if the asa is working, interpretation is made. This information, which has been extracted from the ASP code, is sent to the browser after the cleanup process.