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What does it do let me briefly explain the answer to the question What is a domain...
Domain: the name of an internet site. Domain of words the Turkish equivalent field name. Is the unique name of a website domain names. Domain domain name let's hear a little more about proceeding to the question of what does.
What is a domain?
Although each computer a unique address, that is given, the domain name of each user who uses the internet has a unique address. Recognizes one or more IP address a domain name.
An IP address looks something like this:
An example of a domain name modemarayuzu.com can be given and https://www.modemarayuzu.com as such, it is part of the URL.
Known, recognized the default domain extensions are as follows:
com – is used for commercial businesses, received the most recognized and used domain extension.
Edu – educational institutions that are used for sites.
gov – government agencies that are used for sites.
mil – military sites has used for.
net – are used for the organization of the network sites.
org – Organizations (non-profit) that are used for sites.
Country-specific domain name extensions. Turkey, for example, extension com.tr, web.tr, gov.tr you may be. so, the next “en” Turkey's uzantisidr domain domain name.
Domian how does it work?
In your web browser when you enter a domain name: a domain name system (DNS) the global server sends a request to a network that creates.
These servers are then associated with the domain name servers the name servers that searches for and transmits it to the request.
For example, if your internet site is hosted in OVH so , if your files are there, name is called the name server would look like the following name servers information:
These name servers are computers that are managed by your hosting company. Your hosting company other name by your hosting company, your request will transmit to the computer where your website is stored.
This computer is called a web server. And you know constantly that you see on this computer PC cases. The only difference is that the hardware is different, and no special software is installed. For example: Apache, Nginx, Litespeed Web server software such as vaults, is built into the computer. These servers about the site on the internet information on the screen/monitor reflects on.
What is a domain?
Well, let's just say what is a domain or a domain name? To receive you can purchase a domain through a web site. You need to know in order to get their domain prices domain. Prices as of 2020 is around USD 10 saatili Domain. Domains/Domain prices domain for the main institutions of selling abroad are sold in USD currency. Domain domain through Google by typing selling companies you can find.
What is a domain video
Who is the owner of the domain?
Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and numbers (ICANN) is the organization that manages the domain name system. This organization creates policies for domain names, implements, and not-for-profit organization.
A domain can be sold? Can't be rented?
A domain name/domain again be sold or can be rented. For this you have purchased the domain where you want to transfer the domain to another web site that you can move. Domains can be sold again and again in this way can be transferred to other sites or to others in its own right.
Domain transfer fees/prices as it was when first purchased domain is transferred and the domain is purchased close to 10 USD for 1 year and is considered to be when the shutdown extends the duration of 1 year.
The most popular domain names, domain what will it affect?
Edilebilecgei guess the most popular domain names such as .com ones. The world's most widely used domain extension .com domain name extensions that are Arana first because it is catchy. Then .net extensions .org extensions.
Recently a lot of new domain extensions derives from. .xyz .we are .me, me, me .doman, such as co/There has been a proliferation of domain name extensions.
Sub-what is a domain? what does it do? (Sub-domain)
What is a domain? I guess we learned. Now what does it do what is a sub-domain and see if that has an IP address defined domian suppose. Name modemarayuzu.com whether. Let me tell this is an internet site, and the IP address: 14.53.571.10
The IP address for this domain and you paid $ 10 and sitei by setting up your hosting, you have opened your site by adding. Now this is a sub-domain on domain/subdomain to open.
Sub-domain in the example above, if modemarayuzu.com and that is bound to the IP address 14.53.571.10 is a subdomain. The sample sub-domains is the following: domain.modemarayuzu.com
Here domain.modemarayuzu.com at the beginning of the site's main domain modemarayuzu.com’s sub-domain is a field. The domain is the same as IP address host. These sub-domains to the main domain is working on it. This means the following:
The main domian if the installation does not start automatically if the sub-domian, names of sub also does not work.
Sub-domains do if you say what does a subdomain of the main site, except using a different software, different/help to open a different site. Thus, the only connection with the main site, the IP address and the domain name extension will be in sight.
Domain what is security?
A domain security server/hosting other hosting depending on the service with the so-called SSL certificates is provided. Internet browsers such as Chrome SSL certificates that you see in this “safe or secure with a lock, which means Yesil Post presents itself.
Search engine Google Search web sites that are insecure and do not use SSL results in the left decreases it. Today is secured by SSL certificates for their domains as a result of this all website owners. The purpose of this site SSL certificates from the top of the connections that are made, processing payments, etc. data transfer encryption and thus aims to be performed in a secure manner.
Nowadays, many internet site provides over Lets Encrypt SSL certificate for the owner. Because it is completely free of charge. Let's Encrypt provides a security standard called Yesil and in most cases may not show the lock icon. This Yesil may require payment of fees for locks in very high amounts.
Does it support Turkish characters domain?
What is a domain and what does it do let's move on to Domin after learning security. Basically, Domains, Domain Names, and Turkish characters is desteklemeke. So, Turkish domian that contains the letters can buy. For example: modemarayuzu.com the initials of our site, 2% of which is “u” the letters of the Turkish character. We address the domain of this website modemarayuzu.com we took. Fine Turkish character support, why modemarayuzu.com not modemarayuzu.com we bought in?
The domain of the site because it is universal. People who come to your site in your country will not be. People can enter a web site from countries around the world. Domains contains Turkish characters, those who do not have a Turkish keyboard and the browser is probably will not use it to write.
Additionally, sites that contain Turkish characters search engine giants like Google, one of the sites cikartmakdir not universal. For this reason, even though the content of the site is entirely Turkish English characters only consists of URL addresses.
Domain maximum/What is the maximum length?
In most cases, a web site is limited to 63 characters length domain. This is both user experience and shorter URL is required for persistence in mind and considering the structures. If you try to buy a domain that is longer than 63 characters, you'll probably buy it. It's actually officially there is a limit as a limit of 63 characters. In general mentioned this to the criteria applied.
Domian value is determined how?
A domain value, domain began to be used for the date to record the length of characters in a domain name (short domain short domain is always better and a lot more valuable), the last word or words in a domain name to be searched for words in search engines, domain name is considered to be the brand-quality, meaningful structure reveals a domain value.
TIP: Moz.com values of PA and DA is revealed by the value of Vir the website reveals. PA page with the value refers to the value domain. The value of your site; the content, content quality, backlinks to your site depending on the number of issues, such as increases or decreases. Moz domain also, you can find out the value here.
Will figure in the domain? Are you located?
Yes, you can use the number that you want in the domain. For example: you can buy a domain name and use it like 1453fsm you don't mind.
TIP: If your domain does not have the numbers that you use for a number of SEO value and if it is taken at random, it is not preferable to use the figure in terms of SEO and is not recommended.