Viewed 2.5 Million Times A Video YouTuber Standing Doing Nothing For 2 Hours


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Eray Kalelioglu — 9 months ago
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30 thousand subscribers an Indonesian YouTuber, which has so far pulled in an unprecedented video. YouTuber, the video in question was sitting doing nothing for about 2 and a half hours. YouTuber, total number of views gained more than 2.5 million 3 million through this video.
In parallel with the expansion of the use of the internet a little more with every passing day, the number of interesting content are increasing with each passing day. Content shared by the creators of the posts, spread very rapidly and is becoming viral among users. Now, we will talk from a video of an Indonesian YouTuber watched more than 2.5 million.
Didit, which has more than 30 thousand subscribers YouTuber named Muhammad, is trying to earn a living by pulling interesting videos on many topics. To date, YouTuber, which has more than 3 million views, this video kadarin provided via a single 2.5 million if the number of viewing; in this video he wasn't doing anything besides.
It is obvious that the most important problems of the creativity of content producers. Because from time to time, the world's leading YouTuber one copy of the content, and can be customized by different countries YouTuber. However, creativity and attention for the remedy, it looks like I didn't need to look far. Because Didit 2.5 million times in the video that is displayed doesn't do anything.
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In a video prepared for 2 hours and 20 minutes sitting there doing nothing and he doesn't hear the sound of YouTuber or movements you can't see. Until the end of the beginning of the video, you can see the only thing is that he gets a little more tired with every passing minute YouTuber. The only thing you can do while watching the video a few times throughout the video, it may be able to enumerate the YouTuber this blink.
YouTuber released on July 10, this video has become viral within a short period of time. Video as of today, has been viewed by 2.5 million users. This is an unusual thing is that when you write some users underneath the video on the video that it cannot be endured for a long time, some users said they, they said. If a user until the end of the video watched 362 times in this process YouTuber blink of an expression.
Sitting idly for about 2 and a half hours YouTuber video
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YouTube, new publications and downloads for e-mail and put an end to
Ömer Emre Poison — 8 months ago
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Thereafter when new videos are loaded from YouTube or the new live broadcasts began an e-mail when we will not send. You will get a notification from the mobile app and desktop site followers.
Which is one of the world's most popular video sharing platforms, YouTube, was using many different methods to notify users of new content. One of these methods for sending e-mail to make the process a thing of the past.
E-mail notifications through YouTube is situated in front of the eye that saw enough demand, therefore e-mail notifications, raised. Now the new mobile app and desktop site will be provided through video installations and Live notifications.
YouTube is no longer the notification e-mail will not send
The new method in accordance with the e-mail from YouTube abandonments, blog post articles in the “channels you are subscribed to new installations, live broadcasts, and the premiere is about to receive e-mail if you have selected this e-mail, 13 August and ends in 2020,” he said.
Statement also “still if you have turned on Notifications Notifications through the YouTube app on the desktop or mobile Chrome browser, you will be notified. These notifications have not opened yet, you can also turn on the notification settings.,” the statement said.
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According to Google, e-mail notifications to this email is caused by a lack of return the total. Every Mail that is sent from 1000 only 1% stated that it was opened. On the other hand, due to the lack of reliable YouTube notifications so e-mail was seen as a good alternative.
YouTube notifications changes
youtube email
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How do YouTube e-mail options is changing, although still functional, which is the platform if you are suffering from this decision feedback RSS support the channel you can make a complaint. From here to receive e-mail it is possible to be able to continue.
How to send e-mail, though it's not a very difficult thing when you consider the size of platforms like YouTube, this is a serious workforce means. Such a heavy job for the return of the company's declared degree is low, makes the decision quite acceptable. What are your thoughts on the decision? Did you ever open an email from YouTube?
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