Using Other Ads With AdSense Ads


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What Is Required To Get Approval From AdSense ?
To get AdSense approval, your site needs to meet many criteria. Quality and original content comes first. Why Doesn't Adsense Approve? the answer to his question is that you cannot meet these criteria. What needs to be done is to meet all the criteria and provide a qualified and user-friendly site to the users.
I've written a lot of articles in my article about what you need to approve Adsense. However, I would say you still examine the adsense policies in detail.

Using Other Ads With AdSense Ads
A question that AdSense users often ask is Can I use ads from other ad companies with AdSense? Can I use Adsense with other ad companies?
Yes, with AdSense ads, you can also use ads from other ad firms, other than the ad firms mentioned in our topic titled AdSense alternative ad firms.

You cannot use ads from every advertising firm. These illegal betting sites, pornography content, advertising firms, advertising of medical products under the name of sexual health, gambling sites, attenuation and disgusting found in the claims, the images that hosts the ads, such as advertising firms, generally are illegal and companies that want to publish ads for the types of ads that bother the user to use will endanger your Adsense account.
Our recommendation, however, is that you remove ads from other companies on your site on your first AdSense application, although it may not be a definite problem.