Turkey's first computer


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Turkey's first computer
First of all, on this big day, the Republic of Turkey's 96. Happy Anniversary. In this article, we will talk about the story of Turkey's first meeting with the computer. As you know, computers were devices designed to make people's lives easier. Computers, which handle long-lasting mathematical operations in a short time, provided great ease in business life.

Turkey's first computer: IBM 650.

Turkey acquired its first computer in 1960. I'll take you back to that time to tell the story. The calendar was showing 1960. The General Directorate of highways, at the time, could have had to account for months to build roads. Turkey, which attaches great importance to highways, purchased the IBM 650 computer from IBM for the General Directorate of highways. After the computer was acquired, some experts from the United States provided training to engineers in Turkey, enabling engineers to professionalize and calculate with the IBM 650. After this computer was taken, mathematical calculations that took days and months began to unravel within 1 hour. In this way, Turkey became acquainted with the first computer. The first calculations were made with this computer and the road was the Polatlı – Sivrihisar road, which is 63 km long.

IBM 650 specifications
1st. generation includes a lamp system.
There is a 2000-word drum memory.

78,000 addition and subtraction operations per minute, 5,000 multiplication operations, 138,000 logical decision-making operations can be done.
Information entry is made with punched cards.

It has a speed of reading 200 cards per minute and writing 100 cards.
Special programming languages of Assembler and Fortran have been used.