.TR domain names with the extension Management .NIC.TR Passed from BTK


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Author: Sure East - May 9, 2019 - reading time 1 min
At the meeting, the ICANN board from this past weekend .the extension of the TR administration .nic.tr has been approved to be taken from and given to them.
Middle East Technical University since 1990, the management of it .En as can be seen from Iana's authorization extension page now will be approved by information and Communication Technologies Authority. IANA in this process, the handover process is expected to publish a report that describes or comment.
After the amendment .tr could be the turning point of the extension in terms of the future, modern and very fast transition to a structure can be made. Renew yourself for a long time .NİC.TR BTK after the transition .TR appreciation for extensions may be subject to. Today info.tr , web.tr and biz.tr applications are open to undocumented extensions, although still in a .com.tr with the extension, to be present to the trademark registration certificate is required. In the subsequent period, this process comes to a difference in expectations between.
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