Top 10 Reasons Why Google Rejects Adsense Application


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Google AdSense is one of the best known advertising services, and for good reason. We offer you a wide variety of ad sizes, delivery methods,
they offer reporting tools and most importantly instant payments.
Since many people and companies rely on advertisements on their websites as a way to make money, they rely on Google AdSense from the moment they set up
their website.
making applications.
However, most of the time these applications will be rejected. Paying attention to the following list of 10 common mistakes will help you avoid rejection
for an AdSense partnership and
It will help you increase your chances of joining one of the best ad serving services.
Your Website Is Very New
It is one of the first things you should pay attention to. Google does not want to work with newly created websites. This is what AdSense campaigns are
for you.
It is an indication that it will not benefit them that much.
Therefore, if your website is less than 6 months old, you should postpone your AdSense application.
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Low Quality And Inappropriate Content
Google is a large company that wants to provide superior service to its customers. From websites with inappropriate or incomplete content or generally
weak content
they want to get away.
Therefore, if there is no content on your website, or if the content is of low quality or inappropriate, you will be automatically rejected.
As for inappropriate content (including adult content, hate speech, etc.), this is absolutely unacceptable and there is no way to get rid of it.
Non-Organic Traffic
It is very important that you get a steady amount of traffic to your website. Organic traffic indicates that you are creating legitimate content and that
your website is of high quality.
If you apply some tactics to attract visitors to your website, your bounce rate can be high. In addition, traffic to the site is paid for.
If you're getting it, Google will understand.
Patience is key here, expect your website to be visited naturally by other people.
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No Privacy Policy
This is a strict rule for Google AdSense users and is the most common reason for an application to be rejected. Many people use their websites appropriately.
While ignoring the importance of having a written privacy policy, some sites do not have a privacy policy.
Google takes users' privacy seriously and wants you to do the same. It is mandatory to have a privacy policy on your website. this step
Ignoring it will result in immediate rejection.
Encouraging Users to Click on Ads
You can ask your readers to use your affiliate links and talk about them in your description, but you can ask them to support you.
It's against their terms and policies to ask them to click on AdSense ads. To avoid this, keep everything on your website clean and organic.
Show ads when your site is available, try different placements on your website to increase conversions, but never leave your users.
Don't force them to click on ads.
Links From Harmful or Inappropriate Sites
Google does not want to be linked to any type of website that leads to inappropriate or questionable websites. Your own pointing to you from other websites
Check your links and backlinks. Remove anything that has anything to do with inappropriate content.
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Server Outage
AdSense always wants to collaborate with websites that are truly accessible. That's why server uptime and downtime are very important.
Choose your hosting provider carefully because you want your website to be online all the time.
If your website is constantly crashing and going offline, AdSense will reject your application because this means the ads on your website will go offline
quite often.
and it will be perceived as unprofessional.
Duplicate Content Content
Your site content must be original and not copy paste from another website/blog or elsewhere. Therefore, copyrighted
You should not use the materials on your site in any way. Copyrighted text content, images, videos, etc. if you are using this AdSense content policy
you violate.
Number of Contents
There is no exact number of how many posts you should have on your website before you apply. Some get approval with less than 10 posts, some get hundreds.
the submission is rejected. According to the researches, it is to have at least 30 content on your site before applying. Your content is well written and
make sure it is. Do not compromise on the quality of the content.
Low Quality Traffic
Do you know the daily traffic on your website? Well, you can check the traffic source from your Google Analytics account. If you are not using it,
we strongly recommend. Also, one of the reasons why Google rejects Adsense application is because of irrelevant traffic like Cybersquatting.
Therefore, checking backlinks and keyword density is imperative. Use your Google analytics to find out the source of traffic to your website.