The types of emails that are sent by AdSense


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AdSense what kind of e-mails that I can opt of receiving?
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In addition to mandatory service announcements AdSense from time to time from emails and you can opt to receive regular newsletters. If you want to get the most from your account, these additional emails to receive, we recommend that you update your email preferences.
Offers an overview of the types of emails that we offer below. These e-mails, we will send to the email address you have specified in your Adsense account.
•AdSense Publisher Policy Report
AdSense publisher policy report e-mail you have received in the last 7 days all page-level sanctions, will be notified. In addition, the status of the investigations in the last 7 days all you want for Your Pages is also presented.
Frequency: daily (at the page level or the only time in the presence of sanctions reviews)
•Customized help and performance suggestions
Advertising revenue optimization to help your site get more from our experts in your applications, giving specific examples of changes that you can do sends personalized tips. Only when we think that the proposed amendment will provide important benefits to you I will contact you.
Frequency: approximately twice every few months is a good opportunity
•Periodic newsletters that contains tips and best practices
Our newsletter AdSense, Google AdSense optimization tips and tricks that will help you get the most from your account best practices and other information. New products and features to you, invitations to events, local news and I'll let you know the current developments of information about our program policies.
Frequency: eight times per year
•From time to time to help heal Google AdSense polls
In this category, e-mails, or sharing us your feedback about your experience to test new features includes invitations that are sent to you. Publisher satisfaction surveys, as we have related to Google Adsense, you may receive surveys.
Frequency: approximately two times per year
•Special Offers
These e-mails, as well as promotions or gifts for Google AdSense publishers, the news about our events and web seminars may include invitations to learn with.
Frequency: approximately once every few months
•Information about other Google products and services that may be of interest to you
Related news Search Console or with other Google products such as Google ads and Special Offers we may send. You can get tips on how to use Google Ad Manager.
Frequency: about once or twice every few months