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In today's world, many software solutions are written by many software languages.
Software languages are generally used in terms of software engineering to produce the desired software solution.
Now technology in the world is evolving and changing fast. It is therefore very normal for different devices and different programming languages to emerge.
Which Software Languages Are Popular?
There are many software languages in the world. Of these software languages, 10 are generally considered the most popular. Especially since they have existed for a long time, there is also the popularity of software languages that have high level of functionality and ease of use.
There are also languages that cannot be abandoned by the software engineer due to years of habit.
1) C#

C# is a software language created by Microsoft in the 90s against the growing popularity of Java. Because Microsoft is very supportive of this language, it is still in use even now and is used in many areas, especially from mobile applications to cloud applications and applications used in the IT industry.
2) Visual Basic
Another software language developed by Microsoft, Visual Basic, is an object-based visual programming language. It is also used for easy application development.
It is an important language in terms of making many jobs that can be seen as difficult and boring simpler and more comfortable. It is a very popular language, since programming is also simplified.
3) Java
Java is one of the first languages that comes to mind when it is called a comprehensive and software language. The software language, which is also recommended by many computer scientists, has a wide range of uses. Many of NASA's satellite systems have Java language codes inside smart devices. In particular, the spread of Android developed and spread with Java has been thanks to.
Today, many mobile devices work with the Android operating system written in Java.
The HTML software language, translated into Turkish as HyperText Markup Language, is a standard text markup language for the creation of web pages. Programs that can be run by programs that can interpret this language can be written. Internet browsers in particular are an example of this.
Browsers read HTML code, interpret it and convert it to visual. Dynamic web pages can be created when used in conjunction with CSS and JavaScript languages.
5) CSS
Cascading Style Sheets (Turkish) the CSS language, which is Cascading Style Sheets, is an important software language that shows how an element will look in addition to HTML.
CSS, which solves the visualization woes found in HTML, is important for the front-facing design of the website. It is an important software language for making HTML files more understandable.
6) SQL
SQL, which is the “Structured Query Language” in English and which is the “Structured Query Language” in Turkish, is a software language used to manage data and design databases.
This software provides the opportunity to use the raw data stored for future use in conjunction with the language, by creating a database and using it on hard drives. Saved data can be relocated, deleted or customized if desired. The data being searched is better filtered and can be found easily.
7) Python
It is one of the most popular languages that has emerged in recent years, and Python is very popular with many programmers and programmers because of its ease of use. It has been a cause of choice because of its short and simple use and because it is a language that can be used anywhere. You can finish your work in less time by writing up to 3 times less code than Java and using less effort.
8) Ruby
Ruby is quite easy to learn and write, and more importantly, easy to understand. Developed in the ' 90s by Yukihiro Matsumoto, a Japanese engineer, this language provides a very enjoyable code writing experience for developers of applications or software. It is also quite easy to work object-based.
The software included in the Web framework has recently become quite popular.
9) PHP
English” Hypertext Preprocessor “i.e.” Super Worldware preprocessor " PHP web language, which emerged in 1995, is still used in 95% of the web sites already available.
The software language, which is very common in Turkey, is still taught in computer engineering departments, especially in universities. It is a server-side software language that can be embedded in large-scale and HTML.
10) Swift
Swift, developed by Apple, has developed this language for its mobile devices. It is impossible for a person who develops apps on IOS and Appstore to develop apps without Swift knowing.
The highly acclaimed and the language that many have started to learn since 2014 has been the indispensable software language for many application developers.