Spanish BMW prepared for the artist's Futuristic Motorcycle Concept Design


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Spanish artist Iago Valinor, the BMW Motorrad ESMC Off-road called a futuristic motorcycle is a concept design prepared. Design some technical details still being worked on although it requires quite impressive.
Before you smart phone belonging to concept cars or we were transferred out of the designs here. These sometimes removal companies unlikely sometimes futuristic styles in hand the information prepared on the basis of realistic was happening with designs.
We know this we will transfer you in the first category of the design, with a style so futuristic concept design it's all about. Iago Spanish artist Valinor, interesting for future BMW motorcycles a concept design is prepared.
BMW Motorrad ESMC Off-Road
BMW Motorrad esmc off-road motorcycle
Spanish the artist for the German carmaker prepared this futuristic design still in the development stage and suspension, on technical points, such as frame rigidity need to be made. BMW Motorrad ESMC Off-road motorcycle in spite of this, quite interesting that is to say.
Design to examine passengers normally ride various tools of the allocated section equipment designed to put seen. In addition, BMW Motorrad ESMC Off-road wheels are quite thick, the front LED fara, a Dec share and 18.7 kWh battery.
BMW Motorrad esmc off-road motorcycle
Motorcycle all of the design has a modern emphasis. Fenders on the bike which is located a transparent, minimal speed gauge, powder paint modern design the emphasis reinforces. The artist's BMW this futuristic motorcycle was made for Design, profile on behance more you can examine in detail.
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You, Iago Valino of this motorcycle for BMW how to design did you find it? Design in your opinion other details could be added? Such a motorcycle likely to turn into a reality does not exist? Your ideas, comments us from the section you can share it.
It was founded to this day, the traditional advertising campaign does not start Tesla are discussing this topic in the last days. The company awareness, product placements, and of course Musk owes to Elon, but in the future other cars companies similar to Tesla ads their ads can be seen.
Tesla shareholders of the other brands in the world all car manufacturers the advertising of such products will start to do in the month of July will be able to vote. The board of Directors of the company and CEO Elon Musk about this topic for a long time he stayed. Tesla as a car brand free introduction most companies prefer.
The Elon Musk use social media effectively it is known by everyone. Musk, to take care of on the internet, so to speak, 'in which the buttons to be pressed should' know better and its this single-player campaign, where the company is located today one of the factors in reaching the ground.
It Tesla as a force against critics he used. Most desirable electric vehicles in the market the brand, which has rightly money ‘Development’ as such, it is more useful used in the field but Elon pointed out Twitter for Musk single performance and to be trusted forever Tesla's mysterious attitude in the world of advertising it won't last forever.
Tesla The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) did the last reference in 'brand and product awareness and attention to improve products or used for advertising of services at least per vehicle spend $ 50' offer should be attempted.
Tesla A shareholder who owns a controlling stake 850 California, James Offer written by Danforth, Tesla Retail stores in the first quarter of 2019 and it would just shut off the internet based site sales will begin to focus on considering this situation, traditional advertising indicate that is required.
California a shareholder proposal from James Danforth's section:
“First advertising as brand value, product it is clear that can increase awareness and interest. Second, Tesla ads; brand fear reduce feelings of uncertainty and doubt can help. However, worldwide misinformation that supports competitors campaigns can turn against us. Third, in the first quarter retail store described due to less visibility from public closures resulting affects with ads it can be broken and can be softened. Finally, Tesla ads due to the nature of electric cars, World - wide about climate change can provide information and support on measures to be taken can arrange to be. This is Tesla's basic desire to grow and better company results is essential.”
Tesla go through the traditional advertising campaign, Tesla meet with the billions of consumers who do not know who and what the opportunity will allow you to capture. This a call to action, in some ways more important than ever before it looks. Since the truck model was introduced to cyber since the program was seen in all kinds of fun, appeared in cartoons, even for several months in the podcast talked about him. Cars even people who have nothing to do against Tesla and his the models have very little knowledge about.
Tesla everywhere and everyone is talking about it
Tesla popularity brought with it many problems. Tesla's language is ‘different’ criticism, on the grounds that under. 'Full Automatic driving' and 'Autopilot' like terms what you can do in the current form of the system effective passed by the company in a way for which most circles ‘arrogant’ is. Organized marketing team, the front of such perceptions transition can be helpful. Continuous Elon Musk because promises are declared guilty resides this is the case. This accusation almost every politician corporate companies around the world although it can be easily piped ‘everything who is in charge’ toward Musk more for everyone it seems easy.
Elon Musk, 2015 year, Tesla nearly two years in 'fully autonomous support' will said he believes. The following year, Musk, an autonomous drive Model S until the end of 2017 travel between countries without receiving any command he said he would do. In 2018, the company reported charge you would place the stations solar panels but none of these promises of Musk expressed it didn't happen. However, an automobile company and whether new models can fulfill their claims on sale until the consumer is often don't be misled we are witnessing.
Such among businesses nowadays redirects seems to be quite common. This we've most frequently encountered the situation the data may be one of the sectors companies. Of these promises it hasn't happened. Tesla about advertising at least ‘cross-brand’ it comes to when it can be said that advertising did. Musk spaces owned Tesla products combines with their own products at every opportunity. In 2018, the Roadster, and the model was sent into space currently the Model X with astronauts roam.
Tesla the board of directors switch from traditional advertising the proposal responded to:
From the board the description follows: “this bid Board evaluated and Tesla's shareholders or it has determined that it would not serve interests. While stock welcomes your feedback our sales and marketing practices and our spending, including Tesla daily business operations to determine we have experienced management team in the best position we believe that."
"Moreover, the party offering the offer, Tesla's retail operations clearly misunderstood. Tesla retail since the first quarter of 2019 often their operations are optimized has stated. This low traffic, or places close or shrink with sales volume means. As a result, net store our numbers remained constant throughout the year of 2019. Also offering the proposal as claimed by Tesla only online sales is not focused. Already a Tesla customer's home from if you order something from the store, the Tesla process the internet site takes place over."
"Offer also the owner of Tesla's potential customers insufficient evidence of awareness to is unable to provide. In contrast, without advertising and relatively traditional the point that was reached in 2019, with low marketing costs, compared to the previous year record for cars 367.656 sales a 50% increase has provided. Model 3 Sales, United In the states, the BMW 3 Series, Mercedes C Class, Audi A4 and Lexus business has left behind."
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To explain this it looks like be a vote. Every Tesla Musk continue to keep in the center of things forever, otherwise, they, too, one day traditional advertising they will make the transition? What about this you guys do you think that?