Some SEO tips for Pinterest


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Is Pinterest SEO part of your social media strategy? If your brand is active on the platform, then it definitely needs to be.
Pinterest uses recipe ideas, decor inspiration, textiles, etc. it can be known as a social network to share. But we can count this site as one of the largest search engines on the web. If your Pinterest content is not optimized for Pinners ' searches, it may not appear in searches. Keywords are the building blocks for search engine optimization, and Pinterest is a visual search engine by logic. So using the right Pinterest keywords helps your content reach the right audience.
There are several ways to do keyword research on Pinterest, such as using guided search to see automated suggestions or taking inspiration from hashtags. We've compiled the top 100 Pinterest keywords for you and tips on how to use them.
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The 100 Most Searched Keywords On Pinterest
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Keto recipes
Healthy recipes
Halloween costumes
Chicken recipes
Wedding dress
Short hair styles
Crockpot recipes
Easy recipes
Instant Pots recipes
Fall attire
Summer attire
Chicken recipes
Dinner ideas
Bedroom ideas
Tattoos for women
Nail designs
Christmas decorations
Inspiring words
Engagement rings
Hair color
Acrylic nails
Wedding ideas
Winter attire
Keto diet for beginners
Healthy recipes
Bullet log
Relationship goals
Healthy snacks
Baby shower ideas
Prom outfits
Words of love
Living room decor
Motivational quotes
Breakfast ideas
Home Decoration Ideas
Home decoration
Vegan recipes
Bath ideas
Low carb recipes
Mince recipes
Valentine's Day gifts for her
Ketogenic diet
Small tattoos
Vegetarian recipes
Thanksgiving recipes
Happy birthday
Pork chop recipes
Culinary ideas
Gender reveals ideas
Shelf ideas Elf
Master bedroom ideas
Wallpaper iphone
Hall ideas
Nailing diving
Yellow hair
Christmas crafts
Christmas cookies
Fall decor ideas
Tattoo ideas
Shrimp recipes
Spring clothes
Farmhouse decor
Home decoration
Apartment decoration
Medium length haircut
Weekday meal preparation
Halloween decorations
Cute outfits
Pumpkin carving ideas
Medium length hair
Love quotes for her
Banana bread
Wedding hair
Salmon recipes
Braided hairstyles
Breakfast Stew
Drawing ideas
Healthy breakfast
Short haircut for women
Crockpot dishes
Chocolate chip cookies
Bathroom decor
How can you use this list to build your Pinterest SEO strategy?
For a start, if the list contains themes that fit your business goals, make sure you use the right keywords.

Use Keywords To Inspire Your Content Calendar:
Depending on your business goals, these keywords can inspire content for future periods. If you're a clothing retailer, for example, create boards and pins for all seasons.
As you can see, recipes are a very popular search result on Pinterest. Almost one in every six of the 500 most searched search keys finds the word “recipe.” For companies in the health and Food Field, try to create recipes associated with these Pinterest keywords.
Plan like a Pinner.
Pinners are planners, meaning seasons, holidays and moments in life affect the keywords they're looking for. For example, instead of looking for” nail inspiration, “more Pinner is looking for” summer nails “and” autumn nails."
Holidays such as Christmas, Valentine's Day, Thanksgiving and Halloween are also on the list. Important life events such as weddings and birthdays are also popular.
Pinners are starting to search twice as early as people on other platforms, according to Pinterest. So if you decide to create branded holiday content, plan it in advance. (You can also use Pinterest's possibilities planner for additional statistics and keyword inspiration.)

The Pinners “Are Inspirational”
Since the Pinners are planners, they often search early for inspiration. The word” ideas " appears 16 times in the top 100 Pinterest keywords. If you want your content to be one of the sought-after “Ideas,” be sure to include the word “ideas.”
The top 100 Pinterest keywords show that Pinners are also goal-setters. Inspirational and motivational offerings are in high demand, such as “Relationship Goals,” “healthy,” “diet” and “low carb” options.

Don't Just Select Keywords From The General List
Common keywords are useful, but complete them with descriptive details. For example,” recipe " is the most popular word on the list, but it is never used alone. "Christmas decorations” must be preceded by “Christmas” and "summer attire" by "clothes".

Place Keywords In “Clipboard”
It's not all about PINs. Use top-performing keywords to inform dashboard names, descriptions, and categories. (You can also add them to your profile)

Use Keywords As Tags
If Pinners research these keywords highly, hashtag equivalents are also likely to be followed by many Pinners.
So be sure to use these keywords as tags. It will increase the likelihood of your page being found.