Scares Research: Child 1 Billion YouTuber Viewed Only By Eating Junk Food


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New research, almost half of the most watched videos of the most popular children's YouTuber in introduced harmful foods and drinks revealed. Moreover, a negative example to the audience in question by eating junk food YouTuber of the number of views has exceeded 1 billion of the videos they create.
COVID-19 outbreak, gave an incredible boost to digital conversion, and all online platforms like YouTube and their duration of use in this period was able to increase the number of active users. New York University (NYU), and Grossman, Department of global public health, according to researchers at NYU Medical School, but like everyone else in this period, YouTube also showed a large increase in usage rates for children and kids on YouTube very ‘healthy’, they don't have to face content.
A study published in the Journal of Pediatrics, researchers from New York University in YouTuber children children just like themselves in the video, what kind examined were exposed to ads and sponsored content. In this context, researchers have investigated the phenomenon of five children ranging from age 3 to 14 most popular most followed youtuber youtube video under the spotlight and they took 418.
YouTuber of the most watched videos of children, in almost half introduces harmful foods and drinks
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Researchers of the phenomenon in question the purpose of the kid in the video of the YouTube videos in a food or drink to check whether and in which they lead was shown to demonstrate how children according to the following items or brands. Research YouTuber of the most watched videos of child almost half (was 42.8 per cent) revealed introduced a food or beverage.
Food or drink introduced in the videos more than 90 percent of the child YouTuber unhealthy and branded food, beverage, fast food products are introduced or was detected. Introduced unhealthy and non-branded products, while the rate of 4 per cent; healthy, however, 3 percent, the proportion of generic products, branded products remained healthy and the proportion of only 2 percent. Examined the number of products introduced in the movies videos that are exceeded 1 billion total views of junk food.
The lead author of the study who is an assistant professor of Public Health Nutrition Global Public Health in the Faculty of NYU and NYU Langone Health assistant professor in the Department of Population Marie Bragg, in his statement on the subject, that the matter of jurisdiction should focus on strategies for protecting public health stated that relevant when specifying relevant videos should be determined.
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5 Engaging Channel On YouTube Where Women Share The Information
South gülce rose — 2 years ago
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5 Engaging Channel On YouTube Where Women Share The Information
On YouTube, a lot of women to be more knowledgeable about what they are doing and have established the formation of channels called STEM, which we answered their questions.
On YouTube, quite an interesting formation that is built on information sharing women began to attract the interest of in recent times. Woman in STEM (science, tech, engineering, math) named the project of women in science, technology, engineering and mathematics is composed of women who came to birayara to develop themselves in for. This beautiful project which is a big step in the introduction of female power, there are channels producing content on many different subjects.
These wonderful women; it's not as boring college courses in high school and quite the attractive way to share, they care. Both no school, no quiz, no note.
1 - Geek Gurl Dairies
Briefly, the computer teacher, Carrie Anne Philbin girl by being aware of the shortcomings of the students in this area, provides different information about coding, and decides to open up the channel. With the content of this channel is very creative and exciting career they think they can run in pursuit of the students says.
2 - Physics Girl
MIT and Harvard-Dianna Cowern with a history Smisthsonian Career Center for Astrophysics, zero gravity, and an experiment he did with a series of electric trains in the channel topic. Everyone who has wondered physics topics is a channel I can watch with pleasure.
3 - The Brain Scoop
Emily Graslie, the museum opens a channel to tell the reality behind the scenes of perfect. In one of the videos that are sent to rare bird tuler to the museum by a killer, in the museum, where it is located rusty gives great answers to questions such as why a car door.
4 - Vintage Space
The astronauts what happens with their waste? Or on the moon, Neil Armstrong taken the photos, how? Have you ever wondered about the answers to these questions? Shira Ami Teitel there is the answer to all of the channel owner. Itself, a space historian and author that is packed with information that identifies you as it looks like there's a lot to be learned from the woman.
5 - Bite Sci-zed (Alex Dainis)
Alex Dainis who is doing a PhD at Stanford University, thanks to his interest in the field of genetics, decides to open up this channel. Complex theories emerge about how his interviews with the scientists in the channel or videos.
6 - Msbeautyphile
Many of us when buying personal care products, only to the name of the product and the brand we're looking at. However, Trina Espinoza; at his station in the label chemicals are complex, since the micelle-water of curiosity, how many are those who share information.
YouTube, Too Terrible, Lifted The Trailer Of The Movie
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