Scandal: The Galaxy S8 Is Being Used In Different Storage Units!


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Samsung UFS 2.1 storage unit as explained in before taking it to the market, it was determined that differed between the models. Different units, different devices are causing the performance to show.
Last month, Huawei's new flagship P10 and P10 Plus, were seated in the center of a great debate. Some users have discovered that they have different storage units of the phones in the store, and this is meant to show different performances for the same model of the device.
Huawei next-generation storage technologies-the technology used in devices and microSD plananan P10 UFS. The storage unit of the memory of the inconsistencies in the company attributed to the use of different suppliers. Also whether there is a gap between the performance differences of devices with different memory and tried to save the situation by claiming that it wouldn't be.
Huawei P10 To Use The Different Components In The Model She Confessed!
The new Samsung Galaxy S8 Huawei devices just like the family chose to take advantage of the technology for UFS. Of course, the faster a storage unit and was released in this manner was a choice to be made for the devices. However, rumors that he was suffering from similar problems in Huawei bomb had no effect.
The findings of the Galaxy's S8 (SM-G950FD) Exynos 8895 processor version by a user who has discovered. Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 own phone using UFS 2.1 storage space on their phones owners after seeing other type of flash storage Plus you can find out what they were put to examine, and gave expected results: some of UFS 2.1 UFS 2.0 flash storage, while the Galaxy S8 has some they had to volumes; however, all units are tested before going to the market and that they have UFS 2.1 Q8 Q8 plus I was told. A stunning survey reveals the truth:
Initially, the Samsung Galaxy S8 UFS 2.1 storage unit made it very clear that version, but now we see that this phrase is removed on the same page. Instead of “may vary by country and carrier”, it was written, and the memory unit RAM with the feature set to include this sentence, interesting.
UFS 2.1 UFS 2.0 storage area a storage area with a phone, a phone with the difference in performance between, eMMC 5.1 storage when compared with not really that much. But still one of the world's largest manufacturers of flash memory, more than a big company like Samsung to act like this is disappointing.
Galaxy S8 UFS AndroBench storage area is the type of application you can download and play to find out go to the store. Reading for UFS 2.0 speeds of 500MB/s to 600MB/s between UFS 2.1 to 750MB/s to 800MB/s should be.
Androbench (Storage Benchmark)
Also find out the code for your storage unit and immediately you can compare with the table below: download the app from the Play Store material terminal without quotes "cat / proc / SCSI / scsi" and compare the results with the table immediately enter the command as in the following example.
Terminal Material
We can discuss your thoughts about the fiasco in the comments if you have a Galaxy S8 device if you forget to share your test results with us.
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