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Interface Samsung Experience 9.0 to Samsung in their smart phones, Samsung smart phones on Android which doesn't exist would bring features explained.
All Android Samsung smart phones Samsung Experience interface, the operating system is running, even though the company's own Samsung adds much more to the smartphone. Samsung Samsung Android experience that is built on a software, not Samsung Android sees it as part of the experience.
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Samsung working on Android Oreo update, in conjunction with in the spring of last year, the company introduced its flagship Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+, Samsung Experience 9.0 to the interface will be upgraded. How to Samsung Experience 9.0, the Samsung flagship will bring new features such as how to?
1 - Customizable Keyboard
How to write text the keyboard in mind today, even more than the article in the texts emoji, GIF, stickers, and more. All the content users post, or you might need when creating a message that puts a single keyboard Samsung Keyboard Text, GIF, emoji, stickers, microphone, adds a tab on the Settings button. However, if any third party application without using the Samsung Keyboard change themes, you can adjust the size.
2 - Advanced Search
Now Samsung's search engine when you type a keyword into your suggestions for searches exits at the bottom. If precise type in a keyword, the results of any application or menu without entering the card through the card, you can apply some transactions. It also allows you to search for online search results. If you call an app that's installed on your device Samsung Experience 9.0 to the Galaxy Apps in the Play Store by searching for and this app shows you the results.
3 - Bixby Briefing
The day begins with the sound of the alarm most people. Samsung Experience 9.0 Bixby Bixby Briefing alarm is active when setting up your alarm feature shows you the weather and in conjunction with the alarm sound and the color makes it compatible with the weather.
4 - More Comfortable Reading
Eye strain can create a long text for some people to read against the white light. Samsung Experience 9.0 that is included in the color display enables you to read the text more easily by cutting tiring effect of white light filters.
5 - Check The Samsung Cloud At Any Moment
Now you can add it as a shortcut to your home screen and Samsung's cloud. Thus, you can easily control your cloud storage space when you want and with a single touch you can access to your files.
6 - Connect The Dashboard Samsung
Now the card will be shown on your connected Samsung devices to connect, and thus the more easily you will be able to manage your devices. However, thanks to the automation settings Samsung at certain times of the device you wish to connect on/off switch you will be able to identify tasks, such as automatic.
7 - The Application Of Binary Messages
Now two different messages on a single phone app. Thus, the dual SIM phone will be gone when you use it as your SMS in different applications. Remember that number, which belongs to a special badge on one of the icons of applications for it.
8 - Advanced Support For Samsung DeX
Samsung Experience 9.0 Dex functions are developing. With Samsung DeX, you will now be able to use the actual resolution of much higher resolution screens. DeX also applications in full screen mode no longer watch. However, now the game launcher in Samsung DeX, you will be able to play games in full screen using a.
9 - More Powerful E-Mail Application
No longer with Exchange Active Sync e-mails, you can add an end date or the date of postponement. All you have to do is e-mail the date of expiry of the options, click on the dropdown and scroll to the right.
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