Python's Popularity Has Increased


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Python's Popularity Has Increased
As you know, StackOverflow, a developer's venue, is coming to your aid with a variety of programming problems. For example, you code an application. You encountered a problem coding. Stackoverflow is one of the first websites to appear when you type into Google. The website, which has caused many programmers to worry about this issue, has published the results of the developer survey for 2019.

90,000 People Took Part In The Survey
23% of those surveyed by StackOverflow were from the United States, 10% from India, 6% from the UK and 1% from Turkey. StackOverflow's monthly visit does not seem to make a big difference. So it is close with the poll results. When we examine the professional developers, the USA is 22.2%, India is 13.4%, Germany is 5.5% and Turkey is 1%.

High proportion of background and foreground employees
The background part is the part where the code is written, while the foreground part is the design part. The proportion of those who do both is 51%, the proportion of those who work in the background is 50% and the proportion of those who work on design is 32%. This is followed by professions such as desktop Developer, Mobile Developer, Student, Database Administrator, designer, System Administrator.

Most Developers Code As Hobbyists
36.3% of developers do not support open source projects, while the rest support open source projects. 80% of developers state that they do this job as a hobby. 31% of developers state to be experts in programming between 5-9 years. The proportion of experts in less than 5 years is 20.5%. 41% of developers say they have entered professional coding in less than 5 years. 19.6% of developers stated that they started programming at the age of 14-15, while 8.7% who started programming under the age of 10. 75.6% of developers also say they are not trained for programming.

Most Of The Developers Work Full-Time
74% of developers work full-time while 10% do it freelance. The proportion of part-time employees is stated as 5%. Stackoverflow notes that overall there is a team of developers between 20-99 employees.