Promotional Poster For Xiaomi Mi 10 Revealed


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A promotional poster for Chinese tech firm Xiaomi's long-awaited new smartphone Xiaomi Mi 10 has emerged. According to the image, both the design and the release date of the device are given.
The introduction of 10, which will become the company's flagship in the new year, has long been highly anticipated by tech lovers. Previously, the design of the device, technical specifications, such as the price of various rumors had been put forward. Xiaomi, which has been known to expand its product catalog with many new models throughout the year, is expected to come with a pretty good device to cope with its big competitors.
The knowledge that the Chinese company, which has produced various assumptions about its new flagship every day, will be introducing the device very soon is approaching to be a reality. A visual containing both information for the smartphone, which has been spoken repeatedly before, as well as its aesthetic features, as well as its possible presentation date, has never been leaked to the press until now.
Coming in early February
xiaomi mi 10

Xiaomi introduced the Mi MIX Alpha a few weeks ago as one of today's most innovative smartphones. The smartphone, which was interpreted by the consumer as not much use, was judged to be the inspiration for the brand's future foldable mobile phones, but it did not sound too much. Now there are comments everywhere that this device has many similarities to the Xiaomi Mi 10, which was leaked a few hours ago.
Let's add that the banner-shaped image showing the design of Xiaomi Mi 10 was posted by China's social media platform, Weibo. As we can see in the image, Xiaomi's new flagship will feature a long black stripe for the first time, just like Mi MIX Alpha. There are also four cameras in total. If we look closely at the image, we can determine that his camera will have a 108 megapixel sensor. Classic power and volume buttons and curves on the edges are also included in the Mi Note 10. It seems that we will be able to confirm whether the design is correct after the official announcement, which will be made very soon.