Posting Pictures To The Pinterest Clipboard


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Posting Pictures To The Pinterest Clipboard
How to create a Category dashboard on the Pinterest social networking website, add a Pinterest browser extension, and send an image to your computer
I hope this word will get your attention! "Category Board on Pinterest social networking website.” I especially want to state that I produced this word. Normally his real name is " create dashboard."However, when we examine the working principle of "Create dashboard";

→ You are setting a name for the clipboard. The name you specify can be any text, or it can be a name for your web site and personal grouping.
→ For example, you are using a blog and want to link to the menu bar, recipes, or all your posts and pictures about any topic on this board.
→ We may collect the object or article you shared in the menu bar or in the window we call this dashboard. If we want to give an illustrated example, I can show Adnan Güney's Pinterest Google Sites dashboard. You can see how it is viewed by opening both links.

Google tests Pinterest-style visual search on desktop
Google has begun testing vertical alignment results in visual searches on the desktop. While the results of the searches used to be horizontal, they now have a vertical alignment and look quite similar to the visual results of Pinterest. Moreover, the similarity is not only limited to ranking.
In July August 2017, Google introduced many innovations in Visual Search and started to include videos in search results and to show the details of the food/dessert recipe as a result of a visual search. It is now beginning to show whether the result is a video or a product sold on the site, with a small icon and text on the images in the search results.
When you click on the image, you can reach more dynamic results about the result. If it is a product and it works integrated with Google, you can find out whether the product is in stock, price and many more details. You can even order a lot of products directly from there. In this way, while Google avoids sending traffic to giants such as Amazon and Ebay, we can say that it aims to increase the proportion of sales made through its own platform.

Google has confirmed these tests, but has yet to comment further. “We are constantly trying to improve your experience with Google Images and there are no features we will be announcing further other than these tests at this time,” a Google spokesperson said in a statement.
I tried to capture a similar result with many different searches on Google Turkey, but I think this feature is only available to US users yet. Even in them, not all results yet come with a vertical alignment and detailed explanation in this way. Still a lot of results come out with horizontal sorting. Which means that this feature hasn't been fully released yet. We can all start to see similar results in later periods.