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2.Click on account option.
3.Access and click AdMob, followed by the designation.
4.This is the preferred account.
Your existing AdSense account AdSense AdMob account is no longer preferred.
YouTube Partner Program Overview and compliance - AdSense Help
YouTube Partner Program Overview and eligibility
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November 2020 update: expanded the scope of the FAQ. Also, the videos of the YouTube Partner Program, channels that are not included in why we have included information about where ads can run.
The YouTube Partner Program (YPP), the more YouTube content producers to source and access to the property (eg. Content producer direct access to the support team) provides. It also allows you to share in the revenue from your video ads. In this article, you can explore the following topics:
•Available features
•Participation criteria
•To-do list for reference
•FAQs about other YPP
The program provides
•Our support teams access to the content producer
•The Copyright Match tool to access
•Access to our specifications monetization
The minimum eligibility conditions to join
1.Adhere to all policies of YouTube monetization. •YouTube monetization policies are a set of policies that allows you to earn money from YouTube. As a YouTube Partner, YouTube Partner Programme policies for earning money on YouTube to make money when you accept you agree to comply with this policy.
2.Living in a country or region where the YouTube Partner Program is offered.
3.The current public over 4,000 hours of views in the last 12 months time.
It's possible to have more subscribers than 4.1.000.
5.Affiliate to have an AdSense account.
Todo list for applying to the YouTube Partner Program
Everyone YPP reaching the threshold may apply to the program, but some rules you must have the necessary qualifications in order to be evaluated. Todo this list has been prepared to guide you through the application process.
1.Make sure it complies with our policies and guidelines and your channel. After submission your channel meets our policies and guidelines and the review process is standard for checking if you are going through. The channels that are accepted to the program fits our policies and guidelines. They continue to meet our policies and guidelines, we'll check to make sure all of the channels in the program.
2.Google 2-Step Verification for your account to enable it. Thus, you can protect your account with both your password and a second device. 2-Step Verification may cause a delay in the review of your application not to use, since I strongly recommend that you complete this step in your Google account. To complete this step go to the address.
3.Ensure you have at least 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 valid public hits an hour. In terms of evaluating their suitability for the YouTube Partner Program YouTube channels of the channel when we need to review the contents. To reach this threshold, it usually means that you are more content. Your channel threshold helps to make a more informed decision about where it fits in our policies and guidelines. When you reach this threshold, you can refer to YPP.
4.Accept the terms of YPP. Public views and the number of subscribers you can request to receive notification when you reach the brink of time. When he reaches this threshold, your channel, follow the instructions below: a.Log on to YouTube.
b.In the upper right corner then click on your Profile Picture YouTube Studio.
c.Click on gaining money from the menu on the left.
d.If this threshold has not arrived yet, once you meet the relevant criteria, click Notify me when I become eligible to receive an email to notify you. E-mail this your channel to 1,000 subscribers and the latest 12-month period tracking notifies you when it reaches 4,000 hours. If you've reached threshold "review Partner Program terms" from the board, click Start.
e.After you accept the terms, "the terms of the partner program to examine" the name on the card, Yesil a "complete" are marked with a icon.
5.Make sure that you have only 1 AdSense account. As part of the application process, you need to connect an AdSense account in order to receive payment. a."Sign up for Google AdSense" from the card, click Start. •Approved your Adsense account already exists for this account. Only one AdSense account, you can have as many channels as you want.
•If you don't have AdSense account, you can create a new account by following the instructions on the screen.
b.After this step, you connect your Adsense account, "Google AdSense" sign up for Yesil card in a "complete" are marked with a icon.
6.Wait for your review channel. The YouTube Partner Program after you connect an AdSense account to your channel automatically review and accept the terms of the order are taken. Then, our automated systems and check whether you comply with our review team consists of real people to your channel that examines the contents of all our rules. The status of your application at any time you can control the From address. a.YPP if you are accepted, congratulations.Now you can adjust your advertising preferences, and your money downloads can enable you to win. Contains the Frequently Asked Questions that we receive from customers YPP new content to the FAQ page can be found here.
b.If your request is denied YPP to join: our team Review your channel does not comply with our policies and guidelines and has concluded that a significant portion of that means. After 30 days of being rejected, you can reapply. Tips that will help make your application more convenient which you can find on our FAQ page.
The review process
The queue to be taken to your application must fulfill the following conditions:
•We welcome subscribers and views duration thresholds
•Signing of the YouTube Partner Program Terms
•Linking your Adsense account
Our team consists of real people that review your account to check whether you comply with our policies YouTube monetization, your channel for all the examines.
After analyzing your channel, we will contact you for decision forward (typically about 1 month after we reach the threshold).
Note: Sometimes you may have to wait more than a month. A higher than normal number reference, system problems, or in some cases, delays for many reasons other things we like to be directed to our resources. Our policy experts, but experts conclude tries to applications as quickly as possible for a limited number of delays.
Can you speed up my application?
No, we will not be able to accelerate your application. All applications received the order and it is processed in the order they are received. Especially if they do not agree on the investigator's suitability YPP more than one channel, the channel in question for several times, it should be checked. In such cases, more than one investigation may prolong the decision-making process.
Stay active in order to continue making money
The YouTube Partner Program to protect the ecosystem continues to grow as healthy and active channel we care. To intensify our support to the channels that interact with the community and active for at least 6 months did not install monetization channels video or Community tab on the printed shipping we can disable the feature.
Frequently asked questions about Reference and other topics
What happens if I can't afford the threshold program?
If you do not yet meet the threshold continue to work to build your audience and prepare the original content. Include some resources that may help your channel grow:
•Get tips from the best content producers to visit the Academy of the content producer.
•YouTube Help Forum, a solution from other YouTube users increasingly take.
•Learn new things, grow and programs, resources, and activities go to the center to establish a connection with the content producer.
•Prepared by a team from the YouTube help trainers tips and troubleshooting to watch videos, check out our YouTube channel and on our YouTube channel with the help of content producers.
Browse resources you can use as a content producer.
"Public views the current time" what does that mean?
All hours are not included on tracking the YouTube Partner Program.
Current time have reported that public views can be included in the metric.
•Hours of watching videos you have set as public
Views of the following type of videos from the hours are not included in the threshold YPP:
•Hidden videos
•Unlisted videos
•Deleted videos
•Advertising campaigns
•"Short stories and videos" from the shelf playing video
•Select-Watch Video (VOD) and live broadcasts that have not been converted into a format
When I reach the threshold automatically YPP would I join?
No, it goes through a review process that reaches the standard threshold for each channel. Our team comply with our policies YouTube monetization, whether your channel is investigated. Fits our policies and guidelines and channels that make money.
After applying, the subscriber count falls below the threshold and time tracking, what happens?
The current public views and subscriber thresholds for the number of channels when you switch time we'll send your review. Therefore, your subscriber numbers or tracking your watch, and fall below the threshold you do not fall while you are waiting for review, it is not important. In this case the threshold is applied to reach the suitability YPP YPP your channel are also examined.
However, on YouTube, at its discretion, publish a post or video is inactive and the community has installed for at least 6 months reserves the right to remove monetization channels feature.
YouTube monetization monetization channels feature that violate the policy loses. Tracking time and the number of subscribers to meet the criteria for a possible in case of violation, do not lose the ability to monetization on the channel.
What happens if I've already made a classic content reference in the studio?
Start the application process content before the YouTube Partner Program and is currently in the studio classic if you want to become a member of:
•Provides the necessary conditions to make sure that your channel, and refer again to become a member of the YouTube Partner Program. On this page you can implement the steps specified reference.
Now I'm not in YPP (or never I didn't join the program) and video I see that my ad was published. Do I get revenue from these ads?
You may post your ad in all content on the YouTube platform. YPP has been a member of previously, but currently that is not included in the program if you are a content producer, you can see that your content is still published the ad. In this case, you will not get a cut of the revenue.
YPP again in the future if you join, you can get your content published on a cut of the revenue from ads. In such a case, YPP when you have to refer again to check whether your channel meets the eligibility criteria stated on this page.
Who wants to be informed about the next steps in a new YPP are you a member of? Content producer Academy "YPP" welcome to join the class named.