Meizu of 2016. Working On A Pair Of The Smartphone Screen Appeared For The First Time


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Meizu, sometimes price/performance is also some of the products innovative technology stands out. Online as a leaked photo, Chinese the company's dual-screen years ago the phone is working on reveals.
Last 17 Homeland series flagship Meizu in China in the weeks introducing their smartphone Meizu, other innovative smart phone designs on hand continues to work on. Company a smartphone with a dual-screen setup, appeared in the flesh.
Leaked much about the smartphone in the photo although it's not more well known, the device in question Meizu Pro X suggested could be called. The design of the smart phone and used considering the chipset, the image of the company on the phone in Runs in 2016 it is estimated, but the device in the area since that time any did not appear.
Double Meizu - screen smartphone Meizu Pro X back it looked like this
meizu, double screen phone
Emerging in the photo, it has a second display on the back panel of the device it is apparent that. Also smart Samsung Exynos chipset is powered via the phone 8890 it is stated, and what has a single rear camera sensor seen.
Black Shark Realme, Meizu and OnePlus; file transfer cooperation Joined
The company in 2017. in dual-screen smart of work on the phone by collecting the fruits plus market 7 PRO 7 Pro and Meizu took it. Smartphones, rear the section of the upper-left corner 1.9 inch small AMOLED screen. On the second screen clock, notifications, and alerts can be displayed music was controlled.
Company 17 new series was introduced earlier this month Meizu and first went on sale in China. Meizu's flagship smart phones for sale sold out within a minute after. 522 17 dollars the price of Meizu, Meizu Pro 17 is the price of Starting from $ 607.
Xiaomi, in vivo and in Activities in the month of February last by Oppo Common File Transfer System last, Black Shark, Realme, Meizu OnePlus and with the participation of great became affiliate. Worldwide partnership millions OPPO, Vivo and Xiaomi users in a way much more effortless file sharing could enable you to do.
OPPO and Vivo Use in the month of February last by Xiaomi new file transfer system (P2P transmission alliance), these three any of the users of the brand third-party application or cellular data easily between mobile devices without the need for allowed to transfer files. The new system is 20 Mbps up (it depends on the strength of the data connection as is changing) can be transferred with the speed of noteworthy that according to the transfer standard, Bluetooth a healing potential.
Today this system is a statement with four attended by more of the new brand was announced. Black Shark, Realme, Meizu and OnePlus also through Weibo their statement, along with the new system announced that it was included. With the expansion of the system around 400 million around the world together the user is estimated to be covered. P2P file Transmission of the alliance of Black Shark are devices that transfer may be appropriate. These game Black Shark Black Shark 2 and 3 may be the series phones.
Google ways to get rid of:
P2P Union
Above as mentioned, the real me, and which OnePlus Meizu P2P file Transmission of the devices of the alliance transfer system that will support it is not yet clear. On the other hand, at the same time a founding member of its 3 Developers Association, he founded. This unity Huawei's Gallery app but it looks like only the name the last 3 brands covers. Alliance P2P transmission new contributions allocated from Google new additions to the alliance developers as a hint that there may be seen.
New wireless the file transfer system, internet users connection without the need for files, images and enables you to transfer video. Also to send a file to your friend you don't need to have the same phone. Question the file transfer system, lower power consumption as well as a wider coverage the area with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) devices supported and supports faster Wi-Fi P2P technology he's using.
Play Store
Chinese Smartphone Giants Competing Platform On The Google Play Store Establishes
On the other hand, Trade between the people's Republic of China with the US one of the most important goals of the war Huawei, Chinese tech 4 including the giant prepared to take a significant step forward it is also known. Xiaomi, Huawei, OPPO, and Vivo; outside of China es applications for developers time as will provide a platform where they can download. This step is the rule of experts on the Google Play Store Reading Challenge is think.