Is AdSense fixed advertising prohibited ?


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Is AdSense fixed advertising prohibited ?
There are two types of ad impressions that mean fixed advertising on this issue.
One of these is the type of ad representation in desktop versions of sites, which stands still even though the page goes down, while the other glides on the page from a point of view.

Google Adsense's description for such ads is as follows::
# “In order to provide our users with a safe and positive experience, we place restrictions on the use of apps that will cause ads to appear in a” linked “or” floating " position on the desktop as users navigate the page. ”
The restriction here is actually an open statement of interpretation. Google didn't exactly say it was forbidden. We can interpret this as not a problem if it is used in a way that does not disturb the visitor. We can comment that banner ads that are pinned to the Sidebar area will not prevent the content from being read will not be a problem.

# Also, we have been providing fixed ads in most of our projects for a long time. So far, no warning has been given to us.
As we have also commented, AdSense is flexible about fixed ads that are deployed in a way that does not interfere with the reading of content or disturb the visitor.
I want to underline that this is an issue that we interpret and apply. There is no certainty of this interpretation and we do not accept responsibility for this.
In the continuation of the description.

“We allow Google adsense fixed ads on the mobile web, but please note that we do not allow mobile applications created by publishers (as we cannot be sure they will meet the same criteria for quality protection that we set for our product).”
We see that the second kind of mobile fixed ads here are allowed. Already within AdSense page-level ads, there is an ad type pinned to the bottom of the screen. It's AdSense placing its own.

Is it forbidden to open AdSense ads in the New Tab ?
Previously, AdSense ads were opened within the site, and the web site that was visited as a result of clicks was not opened in the new tab. Previously, using apps to open ads in the new tab could be the reason for the ban.
For the time being, AdSense has changed its stance. He also revised the ad codes to open the ads in the new tab.
So it is not forbidden to open AdSense ads in the new tab, as indicated at the address.