Intel 10. Information About The Generation Of Processors Has Become Clear


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Intel 10. Information About The Generation Of Processors Has Become Clear
Intel, which holds a large part of the market in processor production, 10. Next-generation processors are preparing to take a big step forward. Ninth After the introduction of new generation processors in computers will have high processing power 10. The next generation of Intel processors will have more cores and frequency speeds than previous generations.

10, according to emerging information. The next-generation Intel processor i9-10900 will meet users with 10 cores. The next-generation Intel processors will run at 3.0 GHz operating frequency and 5.1 GHz turbo frequency, providing high performance for both game-oriented computers and workstations.
In recent days, the new processors announced in the market to increase the rate of AMD that wants to respond to Intel, AMD Ryzens'ın captured high-performance rates as a target has set. Intel recently introduced performance-oriented processors with high prices led customers to purchase AMD processors. Because AMD Ryzen processors are more economical than their counterparts in Intel.

Intel continues to work for lower-and middle-class processors, seeing that high prices drive users away. Pentium and Celeron processor family for the work weight Intel, this field poi 3 billion dollars has been discredited. Intel is also considering changes to the structures of processors, announced on November 5 Cascade Lake-X processors postponed to November 25. While the reason for the postponement is unknown, Intel's 10. How to achieve success in the next generation of processors is a question of Wonder.

Cyber Attacks Have Been Carried Out Around The World

Cyber Attacks Have Been Carried Out Around The World
Cyber security is one of the most important requirements of today. Due to the conditions of our age, we now do most of our jobs with technology. If you do not add security to your system, you may be exposed to many attacks by hackers or some people who think they are hackers and throw bots. Therefore, today you must protect your servers open to the outside with very strict security measures. There are several security vulnerabilities such as Exploit, SQL injection, shell, DDOS. One of the most dangerous of these is the shell deficit. With this vulnerability, hackers can access your machine and have full authority. In short, you have to protect your systems very well.

Türk Telekom and Garanti Bank affected
Türk Telekom and Garanti Bank were the most affected institutions after the DDOS attacks that took place worldwide on Sunday, especially in China, the United States and Russia. Türk Telekom said the attacks on the subject were repelled by experts in a short time.
What is DDOS?
DDOS is a system that attempts to prevent a website from serving by sending too many requests to a website. You can get more information from the above article.