Increase Revenue with AdSense Sticky Ads


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Google offers different types of ad formats for AdSense publishers. You can create some of these as standalone embed units and
You can add it anywhere manually.
However, there are a few formats that are only available as Auto Ads that Google will automatically add to your site using artificial intelligence technology.
has. In this article, we will tell you how to earn more money with AdSense banner ads.
AdSense Sticky Ads
Besides vignetting, you can enable fixed ads for larger screen and start earning more from your content.
While surfing the web, you may have seen sticky/floating/floating ads in the sidebar of many websites. Google, regular AdSense publishers
Does not allow sticky display ad format for Sites showing sticky display ads either use ad exchange partners like BuySellAds or Google
It uses Ad Manager (formerly known as DoubleClick for Publishers).
Sticky ads with a mute option are a good alternative to sticky display ads. Thanks to its availability on desktop devices,
You can expect it to generate similar revenue as sidebar sticky display ads.
Displaying Fixed Ads
Basically, you can control the fixed ad preview in your AdSense account.
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Sticky ads only load when the user scrolls down the page.

According to the preview, it will be displayed at the top of the page on both mobile and desktop devices. However, we noticed that it is also shown at
the bottom on the desktop.

While the user can scroll the content below, the ad will stay at the top on mobile. Similarly, it will stick to the bottom on widescreen.

Users can click the small up arrow to hide the anchor ad.

Unlike vignette ads, which only load on the first page transition, the anchor ad loads on every page the user visits on your site.
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With the introduction of desktop devices, you can easily increase your income with these fixed ads.
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Enter your Adsense account and select the site where you want to apply fixed ads from the Ads section. Turn on the "Fixed Ad" option from the right panel
and click the adhere to site button.
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It will take 10 to 20 minutes for Google to start showing automatic ads on your site.
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Fixed Ad Performance Monitoring
Similar to any other ad unit, you can view the performance report for both mobile and desktop fixed ad units.
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In the “Ads > Overview” section, click on the “See report” icon opposite your site.

This will take you to the reporting section with an unsaved open report.

Click on the filter icon and select the “Ad format” option.

Select “Anchor” which will appear as the last option and choose “Apply” the changes.

Change the time period you want to see the performance and get the report.

You can get the details in table format as well as in line chart.
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Limitations on the Use of Sticky Ads
Sticky ads are useful for generating more revenue from your AdSense account without any additional setup. However, when using it on your site,
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You cannot create a standalone fixed ad unit. This is part of auto ads, and enabling auto ads will make ads undesirable.
can be placed in random positions. While you can remove unnecessary automatic ad placements from the setup screen, you cannot completely prevent misplacement.
For example, you can display regular display ad units between paragraph elements. However, automatic ads may annoy users.
can appear among list items.

You can't enable it only on desktop devices which have a similar issue like vignette ads. Larger screen option mobile fixed ads option
You have to use both or only on mobile.

Fixed ads directly affect page load speed as they will load in the above-the-fold area.

The most important part is that you should not use sticky banner navigation when using anchor ads. It may conflict with the title, especially on mobile
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It is possible to earn more income from Google, AdSense automatic ad setup. As a content publisher, you are happy to earn money without additional effort.
you can be. However, AdSense sites have traffic guidelines and rely heavily on organic traffic from search engines.
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Using captive ads can affect page load time. Therefore, it is necessary to evaluate the impact of activating captive ads on mobile and desktop.
Test your site with Google PageSpeed Insights and GTmetrix. JavaScript to manage page speed while taking advantage of fixed ad setup if needed
You can delay the loading of your site.