In The Car Enjoying The Music: YouTube Music Came To Support Android Auto


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Cem Mildon — 2 years ago
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YouTube Music, gained the support of the long-awaited Android Auto.
Since the beginning that need to be found in music from YouTube Android Auto is no longer available. Along with the arrival of this feature looks to a future more enjoyable to listen to music in the car.
Youtube Music, Spotify, Apple Music or is it more advantageous compared to?
Android Auto YouTube Music Experience on the platform is quite similar to other music services. Tap the music icon and you can get music from YouTube. Also different playlists and songs from the application in the library, you'll find Android Auto. You've listened to the types of different artists as well as Best list you can get access to a list of similar. Available at basically everything YouTube Music App Android Auto.
Google wants to be careful
It's very similar to YouTube in your Android Auto Music Other Music services to Google the reason for the applications to use a single style force emerges as auto all Android applications. However, it is a fact that made it easier to control your music while driving. You keep your hands on the steering wheel and your eyes on the road while driving Google he wants to focus on.
YouTube Music, Depending on whether it is day or night when driving it goes into dark mode. Though this feature is essentially an Android Auto feature to YouTube Music, and other applications that would allow you to always stay in the dark mode in other applications it might be good to see as a setting. This feature is also compared with Google Play Music, YouTube Music, one of the features that is missing, however, it seems that Google has two more to improve the services. Another Google application Google Android Auto Podcast started without more support then had received support.
For use at the application with the latest version of Android Auto YouTube Music v3.03.54 you'll want to have. The application on the Google Play Store it's now but Google is a progressive distribution. For this reason, it may take several days for it to reach your device.
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Google and YouTube Suicide the expected impact promoter YouTuber hit!
Falcon Sword — 3 years ago
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Taken on the first day of the year in Japan's suicide forest video is one of the biggest shames in history, the precise content of the internet with the signing Paul Logan, worldwide channels and Google ads, YouTube Red will not benefit from the benefit of from the project anymore.
YouTube is increasingly becoming the platform for an uncontrolled release. In this regard, the approach channel to the owners and good faith to provide freedom of publication, is interpreted quite incorrectly by most manufacturers. Content, child abuse, sexual abuse, rape and violence on critical issues such as incentives, has six games of consciousness.
Societies are always ready to consume media content in a way that they are, without question, most people can come to know things. YouTube started having hesitation about the freedom it offers for these reasons in recent years.
The channel publishes video blogs on a regular basis from 15 million subscribers Logan Paul, find a dead body in Japan's suicide forest, suicide has come under heavy criticism when I read your letter, and a playful attitude. He apologized, claimed responsibility on YouTube even though I was late, but the people are still ofkleli and IT professionals.
Big publishers have proposed a serious income Google's YouTube which is the source of the advertising program, now Logan Paul is not valid. Google has dealt a serious blow to the termination of its contract with the right to it. In other words, Logan, now from thousands of videos that have already been released can't make decent money per tick.
On the other hand, is a platform for Paid Content on YouTube Red, which was giving the advantage of offering programs for publishers who have paid for a fan base again. Within this project the producers films, short sequences and could do things that require various production. Even the YouTube Studios, was opening wide the doors for manufacturers that are included in this program. The crisis that door by the name of Logan Paul's face closed. Now constantly rotating ads on and the fans will benefit from the advantages of red that is expected by the professional content.
The event was actually a promoter who created the fake suicide video YouTuber?
Paul and his brother, they go with their friends in the woods a dead man came up to him and making a joke, from posting content that repeatedly have expressed how sorry they were, but in vain. Because of that began to be acknowledged as a turning point in the history of YouTube video. There are hundreds of experts who plays in mental health.
Let's Logan Paul is still open the channel, which later in the process will be closed?
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