Huawei 5G Base New Antenna Technology That Will Be Used In Stations Announced


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Huawei 5G base increase the power capacity at the station and radiation new antenna technology that will decrease the level Cablefree announced. Wireless antenna also with attracts much attention.
Huawei, short free cable antenna a while ago by the name of 5G technology introduces. A base station antenna for this technology integration, efficiency and radiation power great analysis on topics such as capacity he is doing. 5G age slowly in the last days, Huawei's new Cable-free technology in the design of the antenna current expected to prevent bottleneck.
Free cable antenna the name as described in the wireless technology emerges. Same at the time, the antenna integration and to improve performance some features that possess 5G-backed antenna, especially the high-frequency range of the experience in the continuity 5G plays a significant role. Also, The Cable Free thanks to technology, the radiation efficiency of the antenna is approx increases by 20 percent. This antenna also the coverage will also increase.
Setup to facilitate a lighter design
Huawei Much easier than the other antennas cablefree the weight to be established reduces. 6-band antenna cable free using, thus lowering the overall weight up to 10 kg Can take 50 kg. In this way, during installation sufficient manpower has fallen and the cost can be is happening.
Huawei, Everest 5G antenna to the top has placed
Huawei Antenna Work Some head of unit Zyang, “Antennas 5G networks it is very important. Higher performance and integration, Master Antenna, at the age of 5G Innovation the trends. Cable free antenna designs taking an important step by breaking the bottleneck. 5G Huawei for its customers in the period of efficient and high - build networks and business performance the help you achieve success the name, according to the requirements of the target network 5G making innovations,” he said.
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