How to transfer photos between two iPhone?


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How you can transfer your photos between iPhone, without losing any quality two we will describe for them.
Apple products due to the closure of each software more stable and sheltered from work, although it does have the downside to this. the iPhone smart phone models in the market for more than 10 years, though it still is transferred between two iPhone photos without loss of quality who doesn't know how the cut is too big. Of course, WhatsApp, photos can be sent with platforms like Facebook, but the quality can get quite tedious to break.
An airdrop to exchange photos between iPhone, the first two the best and quickest option. As many as you want at the size you want the photo through it and may send the fastest way, and it saves time and you don't compromise on the quality of both. All you need to do is that you're close with the person you're going to do a photo transfer.
An airdrop how to transfer photos there?
If you do not know how to airdrop;
•Slide the tab that is opened by dragging from your previous mobile phone primarily under.
•This tab to hold the area within the Red Square.
AirDrop coming in the tab you will see. This tab click once.
•If you want just the people here, as everyone else if you want, you can open an airdrop exchange.
Then send your photo or photos;
•After selecting the photo or photos you want to send, scroll to the share menu from within the red region.
•Then all you need to do is click on AirDrop that we received in the area in the Red still open contact is wait for the other to accept them. The whole process is so simple.
How old iPhone to new iPhone how to transfer photos from your phone are you?
Of course the easiest way to transfer photos from your old iPhone to new iPhone via iCloud your device perform the transfer. For this, you should follow the ways of the water :
•First, enter to the Settings tab and click on the tab inside the red area.
•Login to the iCloud tab in the menu here.
•Finally, if you open the option menu in the Photos iCloud Photos iCloud Photos will be downloaded to your phone on your account.
In this way, without any additional photos between two iPhone application shop, old iPhone to your new iPhone from your smart phone, you can transfer your photos to your smartphone. Also without loss of image quality, there are different applications that you can transfer your photos and files.
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