How To Solve The Usual Problems Easily Smartphone?


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Enes K. — 3 years ago
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As smart phones get smarter, the problems are also increasing. So if you live on your phone if you don't want to go for the daily problems to the technical service, we will see how to fix minor problems that you can solve on where you live.
Nowadays, our smart phones and the agenda that we follow is a tool which we conduct our business and entertainment that have gotten both a communication device that addresses our needs when bored, considering everything about problem can hamper the phone and flip the one we live in. When you provide your phone service can also give you a rough time the last process.
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However, your mobile phone about every problem that you have to be unable to get out from under it may not be an impossible thing. From you is a very complex problem, there is a solution that may be based on a tiny detail. In this article, a few articles, we'll discuss how you can fix the problems with your phone.
Problematic Software
A very large part of of smart phones due to software problems. The phone is most users 'tamirlik' if you think simple software issues. Most of the time if it's a single application that is causing problems. The slowness of your phone if you are suffering from the problem if that's the software determine which it is. If you are users of Android Go to Settings > Software and go to the Notifications tab after you try deleting the cache files by clicking on the application. Delete the cache files, the program will not cause any loss of your data. If your issue is not resolved, The "Erase" tab you can try to use your program from the beginning. In this way, problems can be solved.
if you are an iOS user, this is unfortunately not an option. You need to do is delete your application and install it again. In the meantime, you will have to check if your problems has been solved. The problem is that application if it is over the phone or on your version may contain a bug.
Soft Reset
If your phone software is the problem with this method is 99% will solve your problem. If you are an Android user, the phone volume up + power button combination by opening the "Wipe data / cache files" option to the first day of the phone software you can return it. a combination of the above for iOS, you can use by pressing on the Home key. If you take your hand when the Apple logo comes on a soft reset of the phone will be taken.
Reduction In Battery Life
One of the issues that most users complain about the battery of the smart phone as the first day it's not based on much. If you live where the problem is not hardware, it's probably more apps running in the background can shorten your battery life Beya is a must. Settings on both iOS and also Android devices - if you go to the battery tab, you can see most of the applications that use the battery. Meanwhile, a little tip: If you are using iOS, you can have your batteries tested by calling the Apple support as a percentage of the life; both without having to go to the technical service.
Low Gravity
Blame it on your phone, the first thing you did in this matter, though, do not ignore the possibility that the induced operator is a problem immediately. A short phone call with your operator, your SIM card will let you know whether or not you are the cause of the problem. From the SIM card if it is not a problem if the power of the shot directly about the phone indicates a hardware error. You should make phone service without delay.
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