How To Remove The AdSense Ban


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How To Remove The AdSense Ban
AdSense ban essentially means the complete closure of your Publisher account and blacklisting of your domain due to a policy violation. Sometimes the new domain you receive may be banned for these reasons.
First make sure to remove the Google AdSense ban;

#Was your account closed due to your violations or was your domain name previously banned?
If you're sure about this, check to see if your AdSense account is actually banned. You will already see a notification about this in your account. If no such notification exists and your ads do not appear, follow these steps.

If you have not reached a conclusion here, you can reach a definitive conclusion by having your domain name queried at this address.
If your AdSense account is banned because of your violations:

First, eliminate violations on your site. Place your ad codes on your site correctly. go to the address and fill out the form and send it. If you are found to be right, your account will be opened. However, if there is a serious violation, you will not receive a refund for the form or the ban on your account will not be removed.

# If the new domain you received was previously banned:
By preparing a detailed e-mail stating that you have just purchased the domain name send it to his address. As a result of the review, your domain will probably be removed from The Blacklist and you will be able to start running ads on your site.

# If you don't get results from any of these methods, GET A new gmail address. Remove the defined mail address from your AdSense account from your Google Search Console and Analytics accounts and re-verify property with your accounts in your new mail address. Finally, make a new application to AdSense with this email address.