How to Open a Pinterest Business Account?


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How to open a Pinterest business account, how can we see analytics reports, and what is the benefit of Pinterest.
Although Pinterest is thought to be little used in our country, it is a very important tool to strengthen our internet presence.
Although Pinterest is known as a social media application, on the contrary, it works like a search engine. I even call it "Personalized Image Search Engine"
I prefer to say. Because besides the search engine feature, it also provides a flow page according to your interests. This means that Pinterest is a social
makes you think. That's why saying "Personalized Search Engine" would be the right definition.
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Opening a Pinterest Business Account
What is the Benefit of Pinterest for Website?
Opening a Pinterest Business Account
To open a Pinterest business account, you must have a website. Because as I will show in the next steps, we can use our website with this business account.
We need to match.
how to open a pinterest business account
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To open a Pinterest business account, you must first
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You can access this page by clicking the ” link.
To create a business profile on this page, enter your e-mail address, password, business name (such as website name) and interest in your industry or business.
Create your account by filling in the information about the field.
add to pinterest analytics site
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After creating the Pinterest business account, we must pair our website with Pinterest.
For this; Using the "SETTINGS" menu, we add our website address ( to the space under the "GET WEBSITE" section. Then “WEB
When we click on the ”TAKE YOUR SITE” button, we will be greeted with the above screen.
We can verify our website on Pinterest in 2 different ways.
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When we select "Add HTML tag", a piece of code will appear, which we will copy and paste into the <head> section of our website .
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The verification process doesn't take too long, but sometimes it can take several hours.
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When you choose "Upload HTML file", it will give you a file to download to your computer, you need to add this file to your website via FTP.
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ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Those who want to verify by adding HTML Tag, choose Yoast SEO –> Social –> Pinterest and metadata to Pinterest Approval section
You can also do this by adding the tag code snippet.
Another method is to use these meta tag codes again.
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(opens in new tab)
You can add it with the help of the plugin.
pinterest site verification
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This is what it will look like when you've verified the Pinterest business account with your website.
After this step, you may not receive website analytics immediately. If you look after 48 hours, you can see healthier results.
open a pinterest business account
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After all stages Pinterest will show your monthly views publicly. To elaborate this further, to know your target audience
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You must use the section.
What is the Benefit of Pinterest for Website?
I said Pinterest works more like a search engine than a social media feature, so you can do your SEO work in other search engines as well.
has beneficial properties. You interact with images so that you can reach your target audience.
On Pinterest, long images have a higher visibility because they take up a lot of space in the feed. Recommended are 2:3 images, but you can do this more.
You can also add in formats that can be long.
If you produce active content on Pinterest, you are likely to stand out. You can also view your images, boards, descriptions and summaries.
the right keywords
When you do it by choosing, it will be very easy to direct the right target audiences to your site.
The most important point where Pinterest differs from other social media applications is the Re-Pin feature. The Re-Pin feature is also useful for our
Re-Pin is very different from ReTweet like on Twitter or Re-Post on Instagram or Share on Facebook. The Re-Pin feature here is your website
It has the value of "backlink" for. That is, if an image you share for your website is Pinned to their profile by other accounts, it is from another website.
the link is detected as exited. This will increase your ranking in searches.