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Adsense is an ad created by the Google company that allows Content Creators to earn revenue by using ads on their websites.
service. If you want to make money using the Adsense service, you definitely need to have a web or blog site. However, YouTube
It is possible to earn high income by using Adsense service on your channel.
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If you want to earn high amounts by using Google Adsense, it will not be enough to create your site and just place ads. sufficient amount of content.
and you have to get the number of visitors. For this, maybe you will start to earn advertising revenues as a result of long efforts, but too much effort.
Of course, it is possible for you to achieve this in a short time if you give. Since Google is a company that follows a very strict policy on Advertising,
everything they put in it.
It is beneficial to act according to the rule.
What Should I Do Before Applying for Adsense Service?
We do not recommend that you apply directly to the Adsense service after creating your site for which we have determined the content subject. Because such
sites are immediately rejected.
and it can cause people to be dissatisfied with advancing the work. Therefore, after creating the site, following the steps below will add more to your
It may result in different views and approval of your Adsense application.
list of 3 items

Complete compliance by following Adsense Service Policies.

Include original content instead of fake content.

Don't forget to add a Contact, Privacy and About page to your site!
list end
Content is Our Priority!
Yes, as you can see in the title, if you want to earn large amounts of money and attract thousands of people to your site, you should highlight your content.
you have to. If you manage to produce content that attracts people's attention, it is possible to achieve a rapid rise.
Advertising works!
After creating your website and entering the content, the most important thing we need to do is Advertising. Advertising work gets people to your site.
It is the work of determining the places of the boards and images to be clicked after entering. You can find these ad places quite easily, not just places
that look simple.
Determining it according to the content you share can help increase your site's revenues.
Moves for Visitors!
Once you've added the content and gained the audience, we don't recommend simply entering your content every day. in hand
Raising your audience is always looking at the opportunities you offer them. Therefore, every move you make on the site can affect them quite a lot.