How to enter multiple accounts at the same time with RDP?


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How to enter multiple accounts at the same time with RDP?
Windows is the popular operating system developed by Microsoft. RDP is a Remote Desktop Connection service that means Remote Desktop Connection. With this service, you can connect to another system remotely and manage the system.

It is used specifically to manage the machine leased from server firms such as VDS. But there is one problem that can affect your business. If several people are using a machine at the same time and you can't enter the session at the same time, that is, when you enter it, it gives you a warning that someone else is there, we will tell you the reasons, requirements and solutions for this.

System Requirements
First of all, if you are having this problem on a personal operating system like Windows 10 Pro, it is natural for you to experience it. You cannot resolve this problem due to the nature of the operating system. That is, if you set up 2 users at the same time will not be able to connect. If you want more than one account to be able to log on at the same time, you must install a server-based operating system such as Windows Server 2019.

First, press the start logo and the R Key at the same time. After “ by typing” msc". Then enter” Computer Configuration => Administrative Templates => Windows Components => Remote Desktop Services => Remote Desktop Session Host => connections " in order. Then disable the” Restrict Remote Desktop services users to a Remote Desktop Services session " policy.

You can then add as many number of connections as you want by enabling the” limit number of connections " policy. When you follow these steps, more than one user will be able to log on and use your machine at the same time.