How to Choose a Domain? Complete Guide (2021)


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How to Choose a Domain? Complete Guide (2021) | Atak Domain Hosting
We have decided to provide you with a very comprehensive guide to the domain name you need to buy to exist in the online world. Thanks to this guide
with 17 different tips for domain names and domain extensions to build a perfect web page in 2021 and beyond.
We offer an amazing guide.
If you are undecided about choosing a domain name while opening your web page, you can get very important support thanks to this guide. this guide
As the main titles in;
list of 6 items

Choosing the right extension,

Choosing a keyword-rich and brandable domain name,

Obtaining the domain name or what to do when it cannot be obtained,

Errors to be avoided in the domain name,

17 essential features for an impressive domain name,

There will be points such as what should be done after a domain name is purchased.
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What is Domain?
The concept given as domain, domain name or domain; It is the internet address that anyone can easily use for a web page. consisting of 3 parts
The first part of a domain name creates the domain's address or IP address. The next section is known as the top-level domain name extension. Third
part is known as subdomain which can be used optionally.
If it is shown on an example;
In a review made over the web address, within this address;
list of 5 items

The https:// part is known as the protocol.

The www section is the subdomain section.

"atakdomain" part domain domain name

The “.com” part is used as the top-level domain (TLD).

After the protocol
The address in the form is called the root domain.
list end
According to this definition and segmentation, sections within a domain name can be examined separately.
What is a Top Level Domain (TLD)?
What is a Top-level Domain (TLD)? | Atak Domain Hosting
The ".", which is considered an important part of a domain name. The top-level domain name after the expression, that is, the domain extension, in short,
is TLD.
known. Domain name extensions that are popularly used today usually include extensions such as ".com" and ".org". However, these domains are
Although it is often known, there are thousands of extensions that can be used for a web page today.
Examples of commonly used top-level domains are “.blog” or “.agency”. In addition, specific countries
There are also extensions such as “.uk” or “.dk” used.
Domain extensions allow users and search engines to obtain information about you within the root domain. What a site usually tells
He can clearly express what he wants. In fact, there are three types of domain name extensions (TLDs) that can be officially selected depending on this.
list of 3 items
Generic top-level domain extension (gTLD) - The most used extensions in the world, with classic extensions such as “.com” and “.net” in its category
alongside popular extensions such as “.biz” and “.info”. However, as of 2011, generic extensions are increasingly popularized by ICANN.
Extensions such as “.money” and “.republican” have also been added. Because before the 2011 change, there were only 22 extensions among the generic extensions.
Today, there are thousands of generic domain extensions.
Sponsored top-level domain extension (sTLD) - Common examples are domain extensions that are sponsored by a business or a government
The “.edu” extension offered for universities, the “.gov” extension that can be used by government agencies, and the “.gov” extension used by military
Examples include the “.mil” extension.
Country-coded domain extension (ccTLD) - as can be understood, these domain names, which represent a country as the name is expressed, are today approximately
When creating a list, for example, if we look at the 7 most used worldwide today;
list end
list of 7 items

“.cn” for China

“.tk” for Tokelau

“.de” for Germany

“.uk” for UK

“.tw” for Taiwan

“.nl” for Netherlands

For Russia, “.ru” is included.
list end
In addition, as it is known, the “.tr” extension is used very frequently in our country. At this point, as in our country, in many countries of the world,
the document
These extensions can be imported with rules like restrictions. In particular, the British Indian Ocean Territory within the scope of extensions that are
not included in certain rules.
Extensions such as “.io” designated for “.io” are used by many technology companies today. Similarly, the “.co” extension used for Colombia
It is also chosen by many companies today.
When choosing the domain name for the site, it is necessary to take great care in choosing the extension. Because once verified, it was added
It is almost impossible to make changes for a domain name.
What is a Domain and How Does It Work?
What is a Domain and How Does It Work? | Atak Domain Hosting
Domain name refers to the address of a web page. Because when a user wants to visit your web page, the internet browser he is using
writes this domain name in the address bar. Just like every house has an address, the domain refers to the address of every web page.
While the digital world called the Internet creates a large universe, every device connecting to the Internet in this universe needs addresses to communicate.
In fact, every computer has an internet protocol address, and every web page has an IP address. However, in web browsers of web pages
Since it will be really difficult to memorize and use these IP addresses in order to find them, you can use these IP addresses on the internet pages for
easier use.
domain information that converts to characters is used.
For example, instead of memorizing the IP address you can enter on the web page for Atak Domain, you can easily write the phrase in the
address line,
You can reach our page. In addition, this part, which is called the root domain for a web page, namely, is also a web site.
creates the home page of the page.
What is Subdomain?
Although the subdomain is known as the subdomain within the web page address, it constitutes the third level in the hierarchy. Optional use
It is appended to the beginning of the root domain along with a dot. Usually at the beginning of the root domain in the style of as you can
see on many pages
Domain names created by the presence of a separate expression are domain names with subfolders.
The expression “www” can be seen commonly in subdomain usage. As expressed by experts today, it is better not to use it unless it is mandatory.
is true.
17 Important Tips for SEO in Domain Name Selection
After the expression of the domain name and its extensions is completed, we can now focus on the most important tips that you should pay attention to when
choosing a domain name. Actually
Thanks to these tips, you can gain the advantage of choosing a good domain name in terms of SEO.
First of all, to mention some important points, when a domain name is registered, this domain name will be registered to your name for a maximum of 10
is done. This means that the domain name that is not renewed when it expires will no longer be yours. After domain name registration on a system such as
Atak Domain, this
Although the probability of losing the ownership of the domain name is low, this domain name will not belong to you completely and only rental service
will be provided.
After a few important points, we can now examine the clues one by one with 17 steps.
1- Choose a Domain Name to Create a Brand
Choose a Domain Name to Create a Brand | Atak Domain Hosting
In the early days when web pages began to appear on the Internet, exactly matching domain names, ie popular domain names such as or
was located. These domain names, which are worth millions of dollars today, enabled the information sought in search engines to be easily at the forefront.
About the high increase in the ranking effect of keywords in domain names thanks to a change made in the Google algorithm as of 2012
A return and change has been achieved. After this process, sometimes keyword-rich domain names started to stay in the background. It can then be branded
domain names have managed to come to the fore even more.
The importance of choosing a brandable domain name; Nowadays, choosing a domain name that creates a catchy brand instead of a keyword-rich domain name
makes great contributions. Because today, when customers are shopping based on the brand name, they subconsciously create positive emotions.
domains are selected. For example, the brand domain name “” instead of “” with the same keyword density.
There is a situation where it is preferable.
In fact, looking at addresses such as or, which create similar examples, it can be noticed that the domain name is basically a made-up
According to a study conducted at this point, it was stated that 72% of the best brand names emerged from made-up words.
Since a brandable domain name in domain names creates a memorable power, it is an area that people can remember immediately in search engine performances.
makes a great contribution as a name. The more research done on Google for a brand, the higher the brand will rank. Mistake
Brand search volume creates more ranking advantages for SEO than domain authority.
Although there is actually no scientific evidence in choosing a brandable domain name, you can brainstorm with friends, using a lot of trial and error.
You can reach the right results with your tests and a good process.
2- Domain Name Should Be Pronounced Easy
The domain name that people will use almost every day should be easily pronounced. That is, what people can easily say, when they think, they
A domain name that comes easily and is voiced can make a great contribution to you. In this respect, you can easily pronounce the domain name choices.
and you can choose a domain that you can easily think of in your mind.
3- Choose an Easy-Writable Domain Name
Even if branding and ease of pronunciation are achieved, the writing of the domain name should also be easy. For example, imagine using a domain name like
“meah”. in mind
Having a permanent structure, this domain name, which is sometimes easy to pronounce but difficult to write, is a domain name that is less accepted by
will be.
Generally, when double consonants or double vowels are side by side in domain names, it will be difficult for users to type, and many users will also encounter
will stay away from your page by reaching a different site. In this case, the site traffic you will get will be obtained by another site.
The domain name to be chosen has a short and catchy structure that can be easily written on both computer keyboards and mobile keyboards on phones.
should be.
4- Domain Name Must Be Short
Domain Name Must Be Short | Atak Domain Hosting
The fewer characters a domain contains, the more easily it can be used. Because the fewer the number of characters, the faster it will be written.
page can be accessed. Moreover, while sharing on search engines or social media, the domain name is not interrupted because it is short.
According to professionals, the ideal domain length should be 7 letters, excluding the extension. However, in the domains shown in the top 10 by Alexa
also has an average length of 5 letters. In the business world, domain names longer than 3 syllables are not preferred.
If you do not want your name to be shortened both in the business world and in the internet world, it is between 4-8 characters and usually 1 or more in
terms of the right choice.
You can also choose a 2-syllable name.
5- Choose Understandable Domain Names
Pinpointing domain names can give people important ideas about the topic of a web page. Especially in search engines,
While highly valued, a correct domain name informs people about the content, purpose, and offerings of the web page.
The points that you attach the most importance to in such elections, for example,
list of 3 items

to be the best,

to be reliable,

You can make the right domain name choices by considering things like being affordable and taking into account synonyms for these details.
list end
6- Importance of Keywords in a Domain Name
Although keywords provide an advantage when choosing a domain name, they are not actually considered a necessity. Especially in the last 10 years
While reducing the increase in the ranking effect gradually thanks to the keyword, if you have the chance to add a suitable keyword to the domain name,
you can use.
Usually when a short keyword is used within the domain name, especially when linking from different pages, include this keyword in the link text.
can be done. In addition, site users can predict your area of expertise much more easily thanks to this keyword.
7- Avoid Numbers and Hyphens in the Domain
It would never be appropriate to use hyphens in a domain name today. Numbers and hyphens, which reduce the rate of entry to the site as much as possible,
cause typos.
can also cause. In this case, while losing traffic, you may encounter a huge misunderstanding, especially at the points you want to advertise.
8- You Must Choose the Domain Name Extension Correctly
When it comes to domain name, “.com” is indisputably the most chosen extension. Although the “.com” extension has existed since the beginning of the Internet,
it is on the market today.
thousands of new extensions continue to take their place.
While a memorable structure must be obtained for a successful domain, this catchy structure should be combined with the brand or keywords you choose.
it should also adapt in extension. From a logical point of view, an absolutely rational and easy-to-remember extension should be chosen in the domain name.
Because in this way, users can find your web pages much more easily.
In domain names, “.com” should be obtained quickly if it is available. If “.com” is not available or a very high price is requested
If so, “.net” can be preferred in the second possibility. In addition, if a specific country needs to be addressed, a country code domain extension i.e.
ccTLD should be selected. If you're using a country-code domain extension, search engines like Google will assume you're related to the geographic area
you're targeting.
is doing.
If you want your business to stay in a specific region with a general goal, you can choose a country code extension. However, your business
If you want it to grow big enough to go outside, you should stay away from country-coded extensions.
9- Is it Important to Have an Old Domain Name?
Although it is stated by some people that having a very old place for a domain name will contribute, in fact, this situation is clearly evident on the
is not effective. So when you procure an ancient forehead name, it is not certain that you will gain a ranking advantage.
10- Can an Old Domain Be Selected for Progress?
Can an Old Domain Be Selected for Progress? | Atak Domain Hosting
As stated, an old domain name won't have any impact on rankings, but it can give you faster traffic. Because it has been used for a long time
it has traffic, there is brand search demand, and there are ongoing data connections. A web service that comes into service with all these pluses
page can continue to use the benefits of the old domain name.
In terms of purchasing a used domain name, first of all, if the domain name you want has been purchased before and especially if you are on an extension
such as ".com",
you still have the opportunity to own this domain name. Because nowadays, if a domain name has been purchased but there is no web page opened,
this domain name is kept in stock to generate advertising revenue or sell it later.
In this type of domain names, there may sometimes be contact information on the page you entered, or if you want, by performing a whois query on Atak Domain,
You can access the owner's information and request a second-hand domain name purchase. If you access the domain owner's information, you can use this domain
If you want to buy, you are likely to pay a higher price than you would normally pay.
You can also find affordable old domain name purchases at a more affordable price with reasonable offers and a good bargain, instead of list prices.
11- If You Can't Choose the Domain Name You Want, Apply for Creativity
Despite all the conditions, if the domain name you want is not available and you do not have the opportunity to get it, you prefer to make small changes
using your creative side.
you can. For example, when you want to buy a domain name such as, you can use an extension such as ".net" or ".site" if this domain name has been
registered before.
You can make a small change.
If you can't get the domain name you want, you can choose to make just one or two character changes instead of making extension changes.
So in this case, you can also choose to use a domain like "".
Today, some of the world's popular brands have not even managed to have a web page with a ".com" extension with their own brand names. However, despite
They were able to reach the desired result with the addition of one or two characters or words in the domain name.
12- You Should Check the History of the Domain Name
It's always important to check its history when purchasing a domain name, whether it's new or used. Because some domain names were previously
registered and subsequently penalized and the chances of ranking will be very low. When we look at the SEO studies on this subject, it is seen that some
domain names
Even if the owners have changed, the penalty applied on the domain can still continue.
When some domains are penalized due to spam, this domain name does not rank and there are ranking problems even if the owner changes over the years.
can continue to exist. For this reason, by checking the history of the domain name, it can be checked whether there is such a situation. Thanks to Atak
In this respect, you can do a domain name background check on the page, which we can recommend to you to perform your checks.
13- Clear Legal Issues Before Domain Name Purchase
Imagine that after a long effort and expense, when you set up a web page by providing a domain name, your domain name is due to a single legal situation.
can be taken offline. Although this situation is very rare, it should be considered as a problem that you may experience.
In this respect, you should question whether the potential domain name you choose belongs to a trademark in order to avoid legal problems. This control
You can easily make your inquiries by taking advantage of the systems we offer to you.
Even if the domain name you choose does not include a trademark, it is still a problem for users to have the name of a different brand in the domain name.
can also create confusion. For example, the brand name you use as a food company and the brand name of a more well-known stationery company.
If you try to use the name as a domain name, users can access the products of this stationery for you.
14- Domain Name Must Be Compatible With Social Media
Of course, your presence on the internet today will be complemented not only by the web page, but also by social media. Today, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
While billions of searches are performed every day in social media environments such as YouTube and YouTube, social media environments are as popular as
search engines.
When you have a consistent domain name in the digital environment, people should be able to find you easily on social media as well as on search engines.
In this respect, the names you use on social media and domain names should always be compatible with each other.
15- Take Advantage of Domain Name Generators
If you are still pessimistic about choosing a domain name despite all the tips offered up to this point, it is very advantageous to take advantage of domain
name generator facilities.
will be. As Atak Domain, we offer you ideas thanks to these types of opportunities, while at the same time, you can choose from buyable domain names.
and you can get much easier results in shopping processes.
In this regard, help can be obtained from the domain name generator systems used around the world. We can offer you 4 examples, which can be briefly mentioned.
list of 4 items

Domain Wheel is very easy to use, but by adding a keyword to the search box it offers, you can find many different matches.
provides you with. It even offers the opportunity to find rhyming and similar domain names.

Name Mesh, on the other hand, offers you dozens of different domain name alternatives in different categories such as common, high-level and short after
you enter a keyword.
can offer. Moreover, thanks to the filters you will use, you can see clearer selections on points such as the length of the domain name and the extension
to be used.

On the Business Name Generator system, you can select details such as keyword, number of characters, 1 word or 2 words, harmony with filter options.
You can find very good alternatives.

In the last alternative, you have the opportunity to get creative results on the Bust a Name page. Especially those with a natural pronunciation and brand
This system can be used to find domain names that meet compliance.
list end
16- Research Domain Name Markets
Despite all the advice from the creators and if you still could not obtain a domain name as you want, the domain name marketplaces serving in this regard
will offer you opportunities.
can offer. For example, much more advantageous prices thanks to the domain brokerage services available on Atak Domain and the second-hand domain sales
You can procure brandable, keyword-focused domain names that appeal to the market.
On these platforms, sometimes you can use directly with a logo, a web page and domain names that will provide an advantage in SEO work.
can also be offered. At this point, besides the brand, an advantageous shopping can be made by considering the value of the domain name.
17- Think Long Term in Domain Name Selection
In the last article, it should be emphasized that the domain name should always be future-oriented for a business and brand that will develop over time.
For example, Netflix is big today.
Although it is known as a video platform, when it started its business life, this web page was used to sell DVDs through its mail service.
The domain name chosen in the period constitutes a very suitable structure for the video publishing platform today.
As mentioned before, the domain name should be able to express the service you will provide and your purpose. People enter a web page by predicting the
service they will receive.
When you log in, you can encounter different surprises and get a much more enjoyable use.
The domain name you choose should contain a partial description of the service or products you offer, and may also be used for future sales or services.
should still be able to maintain this advantage. Domain names that contain good keywords and can be used broadly
It can also express to you when you do it, when you reach a much wider structure and get to know more.
Where to buy a domain and how to use it afterwards?
Where to buy a domain and how to use it afterwards? | Atak Domain Hosting
If you have chosen your domain name considering all the details up to this point, you can now register your domain name. In this regard too
In the last part of the article we have prepared, we will briefly touch on the procedures to be done after the domain name selection.
list of 4 items

First of all, the domain name you choose should be registered with a reliable domain registrar. In this respect, thanks to Atak Domain, you can complete
a smooth registration process.
and you can make an affordable shopping with your choices from hundreds of different extensions.

It is important that you always do all the procedures for domain name registration. That is, to share your information with a different person and have
them take action for you.
You should always provide and control the domain name management yourself.

When you set up auto-renewal on a domain, it automatically renews you after a registration period of 12 or 36 months.
and a problem such as registering the domain name by someone else is avoided.

After obtaining domain name ownership, other people's domain name information and contact information, such as whois information you reach for other domains,
Whois privacy can be activated to prevent access to your information. In this way, the name, surname, address, e-mail you use in domain shopping.
Information such as address and phone number can be stored.