How to Become a Wanted Programmer?


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To understand programming, it is necessary to know some basic concepts. Since the software is generally based on English, a native speaker is Turkish.
First of all, one should know these English concepts or concepts that have become Turkish and have entered daily life. For this, first of all, software,
We need to learn topics such as language.
What is Software?
A program, also called a program, is a set of coded instructions that directs a computer to perform certain functions, telling the computer what to do.
If we make a more understandable definition, software is the transfer of people's daily work to computer systems. These are the systems we transfer.
The computer translates it into its own language, machine language.
What is a Programming Language?
It is a standardized way for a programmer to tell a computer what he wants it to do in order to express an algorithm. programming languages;
What data the programmer will process on the computer, how the data will be stored and transmitted, and under what conditions and what operations will
be performed.
as it allows to describe. More than 150 programming languages have been made so far; and this is increasing day by day. World-renowned and
Let's list some of the ones used: Pascal, Basic, C, C#, Java, Perl, PHP, Python, Delphi, Ruby and Swift.
One or more configurations of hardware and software provide some sort of way to run that program. Two approaches to programming language implementation
There are: Compilation and interpretation. It is possible to implement a programming language using any technique. Generally working on hardware, software
faster than the ones commented on. “On-the-fly build programs” are used to improve the performance of interpreted programs. from the compiler
output is executed either by hardware or by programs called interpreters.
software language; It is a method of transferring data to the device that allows sending commands to the device. Currently almost all software languages
are English. Some apps
and its language began to be used in Spanish; but Spanish doesn't matter for now. What I want to talk about here is the importance of English.
Importance of English in Software
English is very important in programming. All codes are in English; and the programmer must be at least intermediate (b2) to increase the level of mastery
of the subject.
He should know English. If he wants to hold on in this sector with only his mother tongue, his job is very difficult. If the language is not learned, he
only writes codes by heart; and
this means that he starts to forget the codes in a short time. The programmer, who is condemned to forget the codes, has to repeat them all the time. This
is what we don't want
A situation. Of course, we must constantly learn something; but repeating the same topics frequently can alienate people from the work done and prevent
them from progressing in the sector.
can prevent.
Like any other job, it is very important to do your job with love in programming. We have to work closely, both while writing code and in theory. constantly
and learning is the crux of this business; otherwise, we will lag behind in technology in a world that is constantly developing and changing. Being behind
in technology maybe computer
it may be valid for people who don't use it, who don't need to write a single line of code in their life; but a programmer or any computer-related
Being behind someone who works in an industry means not being able to find solutions to new problems. If we can't be the solution to the problems and the
answers to the questions, the programmer
Being doesn't matter. If we come to our main subject, software made without English is rote software; and we aim to learn, not memorize
we are programmers.
The Importance of Reading Code
At a time when all the books written about programming are about writing quality code, people want to be a quality programmer only in this profession.
it is normal to associate it with the coding part; but if we want to have a successful career, which one will we do more of: writing code or coding?
reading? According to what I heard from dozens of people doing this profession, we should read ten times as much code as we write. Well, in the codes we
read, others
Is it more the code or the code we wrote ourselves? If we start from corporate projects, that is, the same projects in which there are many people, it
is highly likely that you
the amount of your code will be insignificant compared to the overall project.
Well, considering the fact that reading code, especially reading other people's code, takes a lot more time than reading and writing our own code
Wouldn't it be a bit lacking to associate being a quality programmer with just writing code?
Of course it would be missing; because a career where we can only write and read our own code is unthinkable. As in any profession, time is what others
We may be confronted with the work that he spent or left out. For example, an application that records a patient's health insurance multiple times
When we see an error, it would be absurd to call the programmers who wrote this registry system and ask which block of the code they made a mistake.
Or with a program error in a bank application that miscalculates the loan interest rate, causing material damage to the customer and discrediting the bank.
When we encounter this error, we have to solve it ourselves. You can open the code file and understand where the error is in front of the computer for
hours if necessary.
We should solve the problem on the spot without breaking the codes. Of course, programmers writing these applications should prepare them according to
software development principles and ensure the continuity of the code.
needs to be provided.
If it is written by programmers who are not aware of software development principles, our job will be difficult. And the important thing here is good programmer.
is to be; but every company or every customer wants the job done by good programmers. In other words, the customer or company that wants to give the job
to its competent
if he can't find the right person, he will constantly have different programmers do the job; and this means that maybe dozens of programmers' code will
be found in a project.
Caffeine is the most important thing in software, figure
Caffeine is the most important thing in software figure end
How Should a Wanted Programmer Be?
The question that stuck in my mind while making my university choices about computer programming: "How to become a good programmer?" was the question.
Later Kirikkale
The moment I saw that I had won the University, Computer Programming, I started to research as well as thinking about it. As I research, I see that it
is big in the business world.
there is an opening. Our computer engineers are too yes; Even software engineering is one of the most popular departments in our country in recent years,
does it close the gap?
I do not know.
Returning to our subject, I can say that it is difficult to find a programmer who knows his job well and can follow technology meticulously. Also, another
I should mention that the employer or the customer who will write the program in our country wants everything to be done in a monopoly. So a company is
looking for a programmer.
It requires many features. For example, the firm is looking for a PHP software specialist, namely a Back-End developer; but when we look at the features
it is looking for;
Good knowledge and experience of PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery
Good knowledge of MySQL,
Analyzing the operation and relations of ready-made systems in the database,
Knowledge of RESTful API and Web service development,
Mastering the multi-layered architecture,
Fluent in technical English at a reading level,
Will be able to prepare stories and posts for social media platforms,
Follow social media ads,
Proficiency in graphic programs (Photoshop, Illustrator)
Above, we see the features that an ordinary company, who may not even be at the middle level, is looking for in a programmer to be employed under the name
of PHP software specialist. Actually
The employer is looking for a hybrid programmer, not a software expert! If we look at the desired features on the basis of profession;
Graphics specialist, database specialist, back-end developer, front -end developer, and object-oriented programming subject
Looking for a multi-layered architecture specialist, as well as a social media advertising specialist; that is, he wants at least 5 different professions
in the same person, but also
Requires English and 2 years of experience. This is an ordinary company whose name is not necessary, other advertisements can be said to be more or less
the same. That is, the market in programming
We can say that it is a matter of being a good programmer to respond to their requests and to produce solutions with knowledge on many issues.
The programmer, who has to do many jobs at the same time, has to get a good education. At least 2 hours a day to learn and develop programming language
should be separated and worked efficiently. In addition, programming is not numerical as it is thought, but actually verbal. Of course math in programming
important; but if there is no verbal reading and comprehension skills, it is not a job to be done only with numerical information.
Knowing a lot of code and being able to grasp them quickly is the basis of the job in order to do the job easily and quickly in practice. Of course, here
is the exaggerated demands of employers.
It is clear that multiprogramming is actually a mixed profession. When we say mixed profession, even though the education we received at the university
is not enough, we are in this situation.
strives for complexity.
What it takes to be a good programmer;
C#, which is an object-oriented programming language that is widely used in the market and used more in Turkey, or more widely used in the world, depending
on preference.
Knowledge of Java programming languages
  • Computer, internet, how the web works, theoretical knowledge about them,
  • Knowledge of artificial intelligence applications,
  • Good command of Ruby, Javascript, PHP, Python, HTML, CSS and jQuery, which is a Javascript library, which is currently in demand,
-Knowledge of Photoshop and animation, although not as much as a graphic designer,
  • Able to use video and audio editing programs,
  • Proficient in SQL database programs and able to make database connections,
  • Technical English knowledge
  • Able to do Front-End and Back-End programming related to web development, edit database and customer form information,
-Able to perform SEO operations for the website to appear in the first place in search engines,
And apart from these, people who have practical experience in the sector are generally sought after in the field of programming.
And the programmer must constantly learn, strive to learn. Because there is no limit in the software industry. In fact, information in all sectors under
the name of technology
no limit. Software is an ever-evolving and endless industry. For him, it is wrong to say "Okay, I got this done" without knowing a programming language.
that you cannot fully know the language you think you know; because software languages are also suitable for development. And new libraries developed by
different groups
There are dozens of software languages added. Again, I must underline that software is a field without borders.
They should share what they have learned and pass on their knowledge to those behind them; because knowledge multiplies as it is shared. Do not worry that
my opponent will increase, I will be left behind.
Perhaps there may be information you will learn from the other person; This is the exchange of information as a result of sharing and the points we see
ourselves lacking.
allows us to develop We should also know that if you do not improve yourself in software and engineering, you cannot advance in that sector at all.
Building Blocks of Programming
Programming has now entered every field thanks to its unique application development tools in every profession. Invariant in different environments and
different vehicles
and the only structure that is the same are the cornerstones of programming.
The basic structures we need to transfer the problem solution to the computer while writing a program are the cornerstones of programming. Here
The structures required to write a program will be explained in detail. All computer programs are created using these structures. Java and
These structures appear in similar ways in all languages except C#. Knowing these structures will make it easier to learn different programming languages.
A person who learns a programming language very well will easily learn another language he does not know in a very short time. Therefore, the thinnest
of these structures
details need to be understood. Let's list the topics;
list of 5 items
decision structures
list end
As can be seen above, there are a few basic structures that should be known in order to write a program. Programmer candidates should know these structures
like their names.
must. There is a common but wrong understanding in programming: "The programmer must know all the functions (commands)". This understanding applies to
basic building blocks.
It is impossible for a person to know the thousands of functions of the programming language and keep them in mind.
Thick computer books intimidate people who start programming as if they have to know them all. computer books
Many parts of it are used to learn the code or structure needed, such as a dictionary. The thing that the programmer actually has to know the whole structure
in every way is,
are the basic building blocks of programming.
When we reduce the building blocks of programming, we come across two structures: One is variables and the other is conditional statements. other structures,
consists of different expressions of these structures. Understanding these two structures will make it easier to understand other structures. Programming
There are various sites in Turkish or English operating in every field. On these sites, there are some lectures, sample codes and some open codes.
access applications.