How Much Does Google Adsense Earn?


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Today, we will tell you how much a blog that is visited by an average of 1000 people per day earns with Google Adsense and how this income changes in 14
I will try to explain with my Adsense experience and real data. When I researched this subject on the internet, I came across a lot of information, but
this information
most of them do not match the real Adsense data that I have obtained. I can't say that the information on the internet is full of lies, but the most accurate
data for me is the one I got myself.
Adsense data. The information I will give below is completely my own data and different data can be obtained in different Adsense accounts.
In order to make the information I will give more understandable, I will generally use net figures such as 1000 visitors and 1000 impressions. First of
all, the most asked
Let's answer the question, how much does Google Adsense earn, how much money does it give?
Let's explain. A website visited by an average of 1000 people earns an average of 3-5 TL per day with Google Adsense. By number of visitors
This amount may increase proportionally.
how long does money last
What is Adsense, How to Earn Money?
Again, in some of the articles I read, they wrote that Adsense only gives money based on clicks and you cannot earn money in any other way. This is wrong
is information. In addition to clicking, Google Adsense only pays for impressions in some ads. This revenue is revenue per 1000 impressions in reports.
You'll see it as RPM. You don't need to make 1000 impressions to earn this profit. If your RPM is 5.60 TL and if 100 ads are shown
56 Kurus will be added to your earnings. Apart from that, it has the third highest revenue generating active view RPM, which is revenue per active impression.
This income
In order for you to gain access, the person entering your site must wait for a certain period of time on the advertisement. And finally you can monetize
very rare CPC Offers
which Google explains it this way: Advertisers only actively engage with their ads with cost-per-interaction (CPC) bidding.
pays when interacting. In the last 1 year on my sites, only 1 click on CPC bids has been made, so I don't know much about CPC bids.
I do not have the information.
How Does Google Adsense Pay?
86% of your Adsense revenue comes from clicks, 12% comes from RPM, and the remaining 2% comes from active RPM and CPC bids that I mentioned above.
Adsense Revenue Calculator, High Adsense Revenue Sites?
adwords revenue
In the past, sites on certain topics would earn much more than ordinary sites. We can give the best example of this as finance ads.
This is how the system works for advertisers. Pay higher, get higher. If there are other ads on the subject you advertise, those ads
You have to pay more per click to get on top of it. Since there are too many advertisers in the financial sector, its income is higher accordingly.
This situation is still passing, but there is a very important issue that has changed. It's also personalized ads. In recent years, advertisements are
based on the data collected from you.
coming out. For example, when you enter any e-commerce site and look at a shoe, you see an advertisement for that shoe on all other sites you enter.
This is called personalized advertising. Between 80%-85% of the ads currently shown in Adsense are personalized ads. The rest is contextual.
appears as an advertisement. In other words, the site content is not so important anymore and you do not need to shape the site content according to Adsene
income. It still comes a lot
When you want to open a site on topics that bring you income, remember that this situation affects 15-20% of your income. Close to 85% of your Adsense
will come from personalized ads.
How Does the Site in English Affect Adsense Revenue?
It is an issue that Adsense users know that foreign ads earn much more than our domestic ads. This is because advertisements in Turkey
This is due to the fact that advertisements abroad with TL are generally given in dollars. I will try to explain this issue in detail by giving figures.
I know you're wondering how much Google pays per ad in Turkey. For me, when I look at the last year, my Google Adsense account clicks
I see you pay an average of 30 cents per person. Since this amount generally comes from personalized ads, the same amount will apply to you.
I'm thinking. The most important factor that changes this amount is the country from which people enter the site. Normally, English sites are 3 or 4 times
more than Turkish sites.
brings more income. While Turkish ads bring an average of 25-35 cents, foreign language ads range from 75 cents to 1.5 lira per click.
can generate varying incomes. Especially from America, which advertises, the income can increase even more. Because it used to be only contextual ads
When your site is in Turkish, even if the site is entered from abroad, the profit was low because Turkish advertisements appeared. With the appearance
of personalized ads on your site
Foreign advertisements began to appear in front of those who entered from abroad, thus, a slight increase in income was achieved. If I give an example
from myself, from America
Thanks to a user who entered, there was an ad where I earned 15 TL in just one click.
There is an article on Godaddy by Erdal Kaplanseren on what you can do to earn money by blogging. 1000 people a day in this article
It was mentioned that a blog he visited earned an average of 500 lira per month. The real data I obtained is not like this. 1000 visitors per day
There is an average of 10 ad clicks on a blog. In fact, there are more than 10 clicks, but ads from advertisers who pay per 1000 impressions
Although there are 20 25 ad clicks on a website where an average of 1000 people visit because it does not pay per click, an average of 10 ad clicks that
generate revenue
is happening. 10 ad clicks per day equals 300 ad clicks per month. From here, the revenue per ad should be 500 / 300 = 1.66 TL. I think this is very realistic
not a value. These numbers can be seen on an English blog, but in a Turkish blog with 1000 users a day, instead of 500, a maximum of 200 TL can be earned
per month.
I'm thinking.
how long does the profit last
Which Creative Delivered Brings More Revenue?
list of 5 items

50% HTML5

20% Text

18% Native Advertising

10% Pictures

2% Other
list end
According to my data for the last 1 year, HTML5 ads bring the most revenue, while image ads, which are thought to be clicked the most, only make up 10%
of the revenue.
You can find many tips on the internet to make more money with Google Adsense, the summary is more visitors. More visitors
You can get it by ranking high on Google. There is also the Youtube leg of the Adsense event, which is a different issue on its own today. Youtube Adsense
We didn't mention his income. If you have a question about Adsense that we haven't mentioned above, please state it in the comment section as soon as possible.
I try to comeback. Lots of gains.