How AdSense works


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Google AdSense publishers of online content to their offerings through offers a way they can make money. Your AdSense content ads by your site and your visitors works by matching. Ads by advertisers who want to promote their products is generated and will be paid. These advertisers for each ad gain from paying a different amount for the amount will also change.
Three AdSense step
  1. Ad supports your fields
  2. Highest paying ads will appear on your site
  3. Payment you receive
Advertising your site by pasting the code for your ad space and makes available ads to appear you choose where you want. Real advertisers timed auction your ad space allows you to bid for. The highest paying ads on your site is shown. We can take your payments all for giving ads on your site billed by advertisers and networks we'll take care of.
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Frequently asked questions
How AdSense more information about running to obtain, we have compiled this FAQ from the publisher:
About AdSense
What is AdSense?
AdSense, online through showing advertisements along with your content a free and easy way to make money. With AdSense relevant and engaging ads to your visitors the overall appearance of the show and ads, you can customize your site to be compatible.
Other AdSense what is the difference from ad networks?
AdSense Program ads Google ads to your site by providing is separated from the others. Ad type Google then depending on the ads user according to ad impressions or click you pay for ads displaying on your site it makes. AdSense, advertising space for competition more relevant online ads and all advertising means the opportunity for your content come and advertiser demand for a large instant and automatic provides access to as.
My site which do I need to choose how ads are shown?
No. Your AdSense content or your targeted audience your site provides ads automatically. Google how about targeted ads to your site information.
Which ads that is shown on my site, who decides?
AdSense Auto the ads that will appear on your pages ad auction to select as uses it. The highest-paying ad on your site is shown. About the ad auction to obtain more information.
My site I can see the ads?
Yes, ads when it is ready to be published you can see on your site. It is important to remember if it's something that Will Click your own ads. To click on your own ads for any reason Permitted by the AdSense Program Policies are not allowed.
My site if I see an ad I really don't like can remove it I?
Yes. AdSense blocking controls from your account page ads, individual ads, browse, and allow it to be displayed on your pages you can choose whether you want to give. Adverts on your site don't let our guide to blocking ads and review.
AdSense do I need to pay to use it?
No. Participation in AdSense is free of charge. In fact, Google on your site showing Google ads on clicks, impressions, and other interactions you pay for. With Adsense you can get income for more information about AdSense please read our article on income to obtain.
How AdSense can I sign up?
AdSense you can sign up here if you are ready to use. Your site examining whether the program complies with the policies of we check it out.
Follow AdSense there are policies that need to?
AdSense service publishers who decide to use the Program must conform to the policies. Failure to comply with these policies otherwise, we may close your Adsense account. Most in case you managed to comply with our policies we choose to work with publishers. To show ads that violate these policies, this to disable ads on pages that violate the policy drop, retention payments or problematic accounts we reserve the right to shutdown.
Our policies please can we change it anytime we want note. In accordance with the terms and conditions of the program you be aware of the policies and abide by them responsibility.
Program policies what is it?
Program constantly make sure that they conform to our policies enabled for AdSense publishers the format we follow. Our policies and terms and Notice that it is the publishers that does not comply with the conditions we may suspend or terminate the account if the.