Google tests Pinterest-style visual search on desktop


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What Is Pinterest?
What is Pinterest? I have not followed up with interest so far, but rapidly advancing, social media giants of the future may enter the infrastructure of site friends. In our world where people are looking for different environments, when I compare it to social media networks like Facebook and Twiter, my personal thinking is very far ahead. I was surprised when I entered to examine the site where I came to this conclusion.

It gave me the impression of a site I wasn't used to. My first impression was that the World Mall was built here. I liked the visuals and the subjects a little bit more. It was like an exhibition where everyone put what they knew on display in the market.

When I examined the subject a little bit on the Internet, I saw that participation rates were very high in a very short time. I won't go into the numerical data much. Let them handle that data themselves. The important thing for me was the visual, the kind of content that would gain me, the kind of content, interesting topics that I could enjoy while browsing the site. From clothing, food, furniture, hotels, you can find whatever you want.

You can examine the images and get information about the subject. If you need to give an example;

From the newlyweds ' home furnishings to their clothing, every innovation was offered. There's been some mention of things that even a diner owner might not have known in his life. One of the things I was so curious about was why the ladies were so interested.

In this case, do the ladies who love shopping stop? What are available if you call. There are many products that can give you ideas. Not only do you look at the product, but you read the ideas that open the door to new inventions that can enhance your thoughts.

That's when it's impossible not to agree with the intensity of this participation rate of very valuable women. As someone who likes to participate in topics I like, I immediately rolled up my sleeves and first tried to understand the way Pinterest works. I'm not going to tell you about the use of Pinterest here. Those who are curious about the subject can see the first visualness by logging in here, and then they can understand what they should do and how they should do it by logging in here.